Saturday, January 14, 2017

Window on Winter

Many of my photos taken on my yard begin by me looking out the window.I may see something that demands a photograph.Sometimes,I get my parka and boots on and step outside to get that particular shot and at other times,I am able to, or am sort of forced to shoot through the window.

This first picture was not taken through a window, but I looked out and saw this scene and knew I needed to capture it before the wind destroyed it.
A heavy layer of wet snow had fallen overnight,earlier in December.This kind of snow clings to everything and here it clung to the scroll work of the bird feeder pole.Hanging from the pole is the round peanut feeder, now completely covered in snow. 

Since I was outside,I decided to wander around my yard and see if I could find any other photo worthy scenes.It didn't take long to find a variety of them.The sculpted snow on the lawn was one of many scenes that caught my attention.

Some days the weather is such that I would rather stay inside, but that doesn't mean that there is a lack of beauty. Some years ago a dear friend, and she will know who she is, sent me a package of five crystals.They have been hanging in my living room window since then.Sometimes they cast rainbows over the whole room and at other times they just add beauty to a dull day, simply by being there.

I move to my kitchen/dining room area and find another sort of beauty.
This female Pileated Woodpecker visits the suet at the window feeder and then flies to a nearby tree.On this particular day I was able to get numerous shots through the window.

When she flew back to the feeder, she was so close that all I could get was profile shot.I am not complaining about that.It is a treat to see this bird and even a greater treat to be able to photograph it.

Closing Thought:
If you want to be rich, count all the things you have that money can't buy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Beauty of a Manitoba Winter

At the time of this writing Southern Manitoba is under a blowing snow advisory, which could reduce visibility and an extreme cold warning, with wind chills reaching to -40 to -45C.This sounds like a good reason to stay indoors and enjoy nature through the windows of my home. The following pictures were taken in December and I was actually outside to capture them.
These are all scenes that I can see from my windows.I don't ever want to take lightly the beauty that is right before my eyes. I will share some quotes I have found from a variety of sources.

 Not every day is a good day.
Live anyway.

Not all you love will love you back.
Love anyway.

Not everyone will tell you the truth.
Be honest anyway.

Not all deals are fair,
Play fair anyway.

This branch is weighed down by the weight of the snow.

Here is a different sort of picture.I stepped out of my door and saw this, turned around and got my camera so I could capture a decent picture. Without looking to the end of the post, can you guess what it is?

Closing Thought:
I pray you will have a day with more blessings than your heart can hold.

Now for the answer to the picture above.
The snow had built up on the deck railing and as the sun hit this snow it began to slowly melt, forming interesting shapes.Shapes that caught this photographers eyes.