Monday, May 18, 2015


I don't know what it is,but I love seeing a path bordered by trees.
Today I share several such photos with you.All the pictures were taken at Ft.Whyte Nature Centre,on May 9,2015.

An old railroad track is now used as a path.

Let's walk down this winding path through the Birch trees.

We will stop for a moment to admire these small yellow flowers,for which I have no name.

New leaves are beginning to emerge on the trees alongside this path.

Bright green new leaves and a blue sky are the perfect compliment to this scene.

Memories are blessings that cling to your steps and go with you into your future.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ft.Whyte Nature Centre

On May 9,a long time friend(I don't like to say old friend) and I went to Winnipeg to Ft.Whyte Nature Centre. This is not actually in Winnipeg,but very close.
It was a cool day but we still saw some interesting sights.

This Canada Goose was sitting on a nest and didn't pay any attention to us,even though we walked by very close to the nest.

In the marsh  the turtles were trying to warm up in the sun.There were several,but I chose to get a picture of just the one.

I was almost under this Red-winged Blackbird,but still managed a halfway decent shot.

The Burrowing Owls are kept in a large building where they have as close to a natural habitat as possible.

I do believe that I am getting desperate for photos,why else would I take a picture of a squirrel. I have a love/hate relationship with this animal.I do think they are cute,but I really get upset when they take over MY bird feeders.Anyway,this one was at Ft. Whyte and no where near my feeders,so it was OK.
 By the way,this photo is not cropped.He allowed me to get that close.

Thought for today: