Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gulls to Geese

Warning: If you happen to not like birds, now is a good time to click away from this site.
I do hope you choose to stay a while as I share some of this spring's bird photos with you.
Yes,the first few pictures were taken when it was still quite cold and the water was frozen.

Where there is one gull there are more than likely more.They seem to like congregating in large flocks and making a lot of noise.There were not that many birds here but most often there are. Sometimes I wonder just what the 'talk' is all about. Since I am not a bird,I guess I'll never find out.

With careful aiming,I could get a picture of only one gull. I do think they are quite lovely in flight.

I know that this bird is always a thrill to watch and photograph. The majestic Bald Eagle is one of the most easily recognized birds and one most people like.

From one of our largest birds, to a small one. The Dark-eyed Junco is just plain cute.

Here is another bird, most everyone recognizes and also likes. The first Robin of spring is a most welcome sight and their song is beautiful.

A male Mallard is one of the more common ducks, but still one that causes me to raise the camera again and again. Is there ever a time when a photographer says, no,I've got enough pictures of that bird? I don't think so.

Spring brings back long V's of Canada Geese. Their well known honking means that spring is here.
They are also quite feisty in spring and skirmishes happen regularly. This one is just stretching those wings, but the remaining pictures tell a different story.

All is not peace and quiet in the goose world.

Lots of water and wings everywhere.

Stirring up the water.

Closing Thought:
It's never too soon to be kind. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Good-bye to Winter

Winter has left us, at least I hope it has so it is time to post some of my last "frosty" scenes.
Oh,I may re-visit winter when it gets too hot in summer, but for now, this will be the last wintery post.
All of the pictures were taken during the last few days of March,so keep that in mind. By now I am seeing green grass outside and the sunshine is warm and very pleasant.

An early morning visit to Lake Minniwasta,gave me this shot. These two were resting in the morning sunshine.

The lake was still all covered with ice.

The morning sunlight was creating shadows on the frozen lake.

I'm always looking for birds to photograph. This is one I had mixed feelings about.This is the Stars (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society ) helicopter leaving our local hospital. I am thankful we have access to this service, but also know that someone inside this chopper is very sick. That particular week we had this helicopter in our area at least four times.

 A spring visit to the Pembina Valley was perfectly timed. The river had just broken up.

That swift water would have been icy cold.

Everywhere I looked there were huge chunks of ice.I had to take pictures, so here are several of those shots.

This one reminded me of a crystal. It was the cleanest one I saw.

Closing Thought:
Every day may not be good,but there is something good in every day.