Monday, August 29, 2016

Peace In The Storm

Southern Manitoba has had numerous stormy skies this year.Thankfully,most of these storms have only brought rain,although we have had severe wind and even some damage from some storms.
I will choose to focus on the beauty of a stormy sky.
Sometimes storms can disrupt our peace,but God is the Author of peace so that is where we need to place our trust.

The skies are constantly changing.I love the evening light.It gives a richness to each scene.

Our local lake is a favourite spot for me to get pictures.It looks like perhaps the storms are over for one day.

The dark sky makes this rather ominous. As long as I am in a safe place I enjoy watching the storms approach.

The lack of color adds to the drama of a picture like this.

Of course we know that no storms last forever.The sunshine comes again and the birds,like this Bobolink show up.

Clouds bring storms and sometimes damaging winds.Roses have thorns,but sill they are so delicate a flower and so pretty.

Try to find the good in each situation and the beauty in every day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On The Road To Red Deer

On July 5th,I left for Red Deer,Alberta together with three friends.Those who know me,know that I love Southern Gospel Music and the reason for this trip was to attend Canada's Gospel Music Celebration.
We took very little time to stop,except for fuel,meals and short breaks,so most of my pictures were taken through the window of the van and with my iPhone.No,I was not driving while taking pictures.
Warning: This post has more than my usual number of photos,so bear with me.

These pictures are in no particular order.I got a brief look at the Rocky Mountains.

One thing is certain,the ride was not boring.We had good conversation,great music to listen to and amazing views of the ever changing sky.

On our way home,at one point we even spotted this funnel cloud.It was a safe distance away,so all was well.

At one of our quick stops,I even got to capture a few photos of the Tumbleweeds in bloom.

The tinted windows of our vehicle give the skies a different color,but I still like the look.

The next four pictures show some of the interesting and varied skies we saw.

Now,just to prove that I was actually there,here are a few pictures of some of the groups we were blessed to hear and meet.
This first one is Triumphant Quartet.

Here are the Tribute Quartet.

Finally,Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.

It was a wonderful weekend and over too soon.I did miss some of the guys we have seen there before,but perhaps next year they will be there again.Yes the plans are already being made to go again in 2017.