Wednesday, January 28, 2015

White-tailed Deer Before the Digital Era

My husband,Jake loved photography of almost any sort,but I think if he would have had to choose only one subject it would have been the White-tailed Deer.
He used to be an avid hunter,but the day came when he was out hunting these animals with a high powered rifle,hoping to get some meat to fill the freezer,when he suddenly found that he couldn't pull the trigger on a deer.
I remember so well,when he got home,he set his rifle down and announced that he was done with hunting.I am not knocking anyone who hunts,as I grew up with hunting and eating wild meat.

After that day,Jake bought a new camera and took up hunting of a different sort.

Always hoping for that perfect shot,he spent countless hours,dressed in camouflage,waiting for the deer to be at just the right place.

This doe has no doubt seen the photographer,but paused long enough to get a few shots.

Something has got their attention,but who knows what.Just a reminder,all these images were taken long before the digital era.This was a time when each picture was carefully weighed to make sure you didn't waste film.

Here is another one who seems to know that someone is there,but waits just long enough for a photo.

This is probable one of Jake's best shots.The only improvement would be if the doe was looking at the camera,or at least straight ahead.

The White-tailed Deer is a beautiful animal and the only deer we have around here.I love to see the spotted fawns early in the spring.

A verse that kind of goes with these pictures.
Your heavenly Father knows your needs,
He will give you all you need from day to day.
Luke 12:30-31

As God provides grass for these animals,He also provides for our needs.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stepping Way Back In Time

Beginning with this post,I have a series of posts showing photos which I have not taken.I am however closely connected to the photographer.My late husband,Jake was an amazing photographer and I thought it was time to show some of his work again.
I may have shown some of these pictures before,but in my mind,a good picture is worth sharing more than once.

A picture like this may go back 25-30 years or more.These were all slides that have been scanned onto the computer,so I don't have the original date.
The location for this picture is at the edge of the Pembina Valley.

This is a slightly different angle,but taken at much the same place.

I have a fairly good idea when this picture was taken.This is our yard in town.The place I still live at.This was likely taken the winter of 1992-93.That would have been our first winter in town. It is interesting to see the place now and realize how much those trees have grown.

Back to the valley.Frost was covering the branches and creating a winter wonderland.

This is likely on the yard as well.A warm sunny winter day was causing the snow on the tree to melt and formed these beautiful icicles.

Too often we get tired of winter,and complain about the snow and the cold,but I found a quote that puts it all into perspective.

Lord,thank You for winter,even though it can be cold and cloistering and inconvenient.Without it,the balance of nature would be thrown off.You promised that as long as the Earth endured,there would be both summer and winter,and I accept Your wisdom.