Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scenic Eighteen Holes and More

Do you like to golf? If your answer is yes,then you need to visit my hometown of Morden.
I am not a golfer,but I can see that golfing this course would be an enjoyable afternoon.
Minniwasta Golf and Country Club is a scenic place,just west of the City of Morden.
As I said,I am not a golfer,so my pictures are views of the course from the parking lot.

The Club also has a beautiful restaurant with patio dining,so you can overlook the course.

I particularly like the little lake with a fountain in it.

OK,let's move on to things that are more my interests.
With all the rain we have had this year,mushrooms are popping up everywhere.As a photographer,it is my duty to get pictures of these small specimens while I can.

My Hubby,Jake,loved Daisies and the look of a wildflower meadow,so parts of our yard were left un-mowed most of the year.It was really very pretty,but now,in the interests of keeping things simple,I have instructed the fellow who mows the lawn to keep it all short. Every once in a while I get a reminder of what used to be,when a couple of Daisies pop up beside a tree.

When this happens,it brings a smile as I remember what used to be.I am so thankful for those sweet memories.

As the mushroom gets older,it often splits and curls in interesting ways.This just creates more reasons to get the camera out and start shooting.

Closing Thought:
There is no limit to God’s love.It is without measure and it’s depth cannot be sounded. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let's Go For a Ride

I invite you to join me as we drive around the country roads in my part of the world.Maybe the scenery is not grand and majestic,like a mountain scene,or laid back like an ocean shore,but I appreciate my little part of the world and I hope you will find some beauty in it as well.

We start out just a few blocks from my house.This is a set of tracks I cross every morning on my way to work.On this day,I was in my car and had my camera ready to capture this image.

We have a good number of White-tailed Deer around,but getting a decent picture is not that easy.This one was curious just long enough for me to one one shot.

I want to show you a place that I like to visit.It is just off the road and I can park the car and enjoy the view of the rolling pasture.Sometimes I am lucky enough to have some cattle to enhance the scene. 

Just beside where I was standing to take the previous picture is a large rock and a flag pole,proudly flying our Canadian Maple Leaf.I love my country,it may not be perfect,but it could be so much worse.

As we drive along,I may stop from time to time to capture a special photo of the grasses and the clouds.

You do know by now that I love clouds,so we stop frequently to get yet another shot.The grass filled meadow and the blue sky,dotted with clouds is just so pretty.

I am not a farmer,but I can appreciate a beautiful animal when I see one.This bull and cow look to be in a very healthy state,but with all that lush grass around the would have to be.

As we finish our ride in the countryside,we stop one more time to get this picture.The road leading off into the distance.Perhaps we can do this again soon.I enjoyed your company so much.

Closing Thought:
When God blesses us,He expects us to use those blessings to bless the lives of others.
Jim Gallery