Monday, March 23, 2015

A Step Back,While Looking Forward

Today I will step back into last summer,while looking forward to the summer which is to come.
These pictures are mostly taken with my iPhone and I'm using my iPad to make the post.

I love watching the sky. It may be a few fluffy clouds in the sky,but they create a scene of beauty.

Each time I see a scene like this I just have to take a moment to stop and give thanks to God for giving me this moment.

Those billowy thunderstorm clouds are a beautiful sight.

Sometimes those same blue skies will have an Eagle gracefully soaring along. I don't expect that I will ever get tired of watching the Eagles in the sky.

The thought for today speaks directly to me:
Learn to appreciate what you have,before time makes you appreciate what you had.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sunsets and Eagles

This time of year photography takes on a whole new life. The weather is warming up,so going out is so much more enjoyable.The second BIG change is that the birds are slowly returning north. YEAH!!!

I love going out before sunset,choosing a spot where I will hopefully get some good shots and then waiting for the sun to set.The other day,I was caught a little off guard,as I didn't expect to see much beauty with the setting sun.I scrambled to find a location from which to shoot.

Here is just one of the many photos I got that day.The sunset was amazing.I thought that there were too many clouds,but once again I was proven wrong. Boy was I glad I was out there ready to shoot when that magical moment happened.

A small puddle of water was also catching the glow of the evening sky.

 The time for bald Eagles has come and I enjoy every moment of it.

We see Bald Eagles of all ages come through the Pembina Valley at this time.This low flying bird is an immature. I used to think that all Bald Eagles had the white head and tail,but have learned that they only get the full white head and tail at about 3-4 years of age.

Of course I love getting my lens on a mature Bald Eagle and when they cooperate and fly a little lower that is even better.

I will be back at the valley again soon,hoping for more chances to capture these gorgeous birds and others as well. The Red-tailed Hawks should be pushing through every shortly.