Friday, July 21, 2017

Canada's Gospel Music Celebration 2017

Ok,this is a just for fun post. I usually don't like featuring me ,but I happen to be on most of the pictures in this post, so feel free to move on to something else, if you wish to.
As many of you know,I love Southern Gospel Music and travel to Red Deer,Alberta every year to attend Canada's Gospel Music Celebration.Usually I would be taking pictures of the scenery as we travel, but this year I did all the driving so that was not an option, except for  a few times when we stopped.Those pictures are still waiting to be edited.
So for some shots of the fun variety

Matt Fouch of Legacy Five was in fine style the first night, even wearing his Canada socks.

I had to pose with him for a decent picture.I enjoy his bass singing and appreciate his friendliness.

 Can't leave out the rest of the Legacy Five guys.The fella in the checked jacket is relatively new to the groups is the one in the pink tie.
L-R,they are Scott Howard,baritone,Josh Feemster,tenor,Matt Fouch,bass,Josh Townsend,pianist and Scott Fowler,lead.
A finer group of guys would be hard to find.

My new buddy,Josh Townsend.This young man is only 19 years old but has experienced more in those 19 years than many people do in a lifetime.When the group releases the video of his testimony,I will share it, until then, just know that he was a blessing to all.

Couldn't find the other guys so we got a picture of the ones who were around at that moment.

I decided that I would get my picture taken with the bass singers, so here we go.
Pat Barker,has  a solo ministry and helps other groups as needed.

Eric Bennett,sings with Triumphant Quartet.
A great quartet and one I really enjoy.

Randy Byrd sings with the Mark Trammell Quartet.
Another good bunch of fellas and super talented, serving God with those talents.

You see four guys in this picture, but they are not a quartet. I do enjoy their singing, very much. This is Greater Vision and the man on the left,Gerald Wolfe,is their leader and pianist. Other members are L-R Chris Allman,Jon Epley and Rodney Griffin.

I had such an enjoyable week.We left home on Tuesday morning and took two days to get to Red Deer,than Thursday evening,Friday and Saturday all day we were at the festival.It was busy but so worth it. Great blessing from the music and the chapel services.I am ready to go back next year.
My travel companions were my friends Gwen and Susan.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Red Deer,Alberta,Here We Come

Canada's Gospel Music Celebration happens in early July of every year.
2017 will mark the 5th year that I will be attending.I look forward to the music, the morning Chapel services with Leon Throness,and meeting old and new friends.
Today,I share with you a few pictures taken last year on our way to and from Red Deer,Alberta. I wonder what scenes await me this year.

On our travels last year, the sky yielded a never ending display of beauty.

Many,if not all of these pictures were taken from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. We didn't want to take time to stop all the time, but the beauty needed to be captured on camera as best I could.

While driving along, my friends and I enjoy the uplifting music of many of the artists we are going to hear.The music helps to shorten the many miles of driving.

At a few places, wind turbines dot the landscape. I was lucky enough to capture this scene as we sped on down the highway.

It is 1,487 km or 924 miles, from Morden to Red Deer,so we have lots of time to enjoy the scenery.Last year we went from sunny skies to rain clouds and even some torrential downpours.

Looks like that sky will deliver some more rain. It has already rained as can be seen on the road.

Beautiful rolling hills and farm yards dotting the scene. I used to think that this stretch of road between Manitoba and the mountains in Alberta,was boring, but I have not found that to be the case in these recent years.

So,until I return from the music festival, there will be no more posts to this blog.
For those that follow me on Facebook,I will likely be posting some updates there.
I will also not be commenting on any blogs until I return.

Closing Thought:
Keep calm and listen to Southern Gospel - the music with an eternal difference.