Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Manitoba Beauty

Once again,I take you to Lake Minniwasta,during the early fall of 2014.

This is a spot I don't visit very often,as it is the actual boat launch.Of course I don't have a boat,nor do I want one,but I still enjoy the beauty of this spot.

A walk along the shore of this lake can be so peaceful.This scene speaks peace to me.Of course I recall being there that morning and feeling the calm sweep over me as I walked along.

One small shrub put on a gorgeous display of color. The sunshine brought out it's beauty even more.

A few Milkweed pods were still clinging to their precious seeds,even as  the wind was trying hard to dislodge them.

A seldom used railroad track and a cluster of late blooming Asters made a great combination.

Those who walk with God always reach their destination.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Scenic Lake Minniwasta

In looking back through some of my photos,I couldn't help but be surprised that I had not shared these before,so here goes. I know we are stepping back a month or so,but the beauty remains the same.

Lake Minniwasta is a small lake,as lakes go,but it is the main source of water for the City of Morden.Aside from that,it is also a place of great beauty.
This is the road leading to the back,where the canoe launch is located.

A short walk through the trees and I can find this beautiful spot.I have stood at this place so many times,yet each time I am in awe again,at the beauty I can find there.

At the canoe launch site,which is a gently sloped,graveled area,one can walk right up to or even into the water.Since I am not a water person,I stand at the edge and get my pictures.
Gentle waves lapping at the shore create a peaceful scene.

The sun creates a path of diamond across the lake.I love how this particular time they actually looked like stars on the water.

I tried to get up close and personal with the water and still keep my feet and camera dry. The camera was of more importance than my feet.
A small wave breaks at the shore and gives me a picture I really enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed visiting 'my' lake once again.Let's do it again soon.

There is so much beauty in the world,
but you must allow yourself to see it.