Monday, September 25, 2017

Scenes Along The Way

As most of you know,I love to drive along the roads in my area, seeing whatever there is to see. Most of the time I don't have to go far to find something of interest and worthy of a photo.
Today's post is filled with many pictures, all of which have been taken on my travels around my area.

Milkweed is beautiful, whether in bloom or later as the seed pods open up.

I have seen more deer this year than probably at any time before.Usually the does are the only ones that I see.This fawn is feeling somewhat protected by the grasses and weed he is in.

I have actually seen and been able to photograph a couple of young bucks this year as well.

On a recent drive near to where we lived for 20 years,I saw this cow. I have called them Oreo Cows,but shortly after getting this shot,I heard on the radio that this is a breed called Belted Galloway. The things I learn while listening to farm news.

In a small hamlet where my mother grew up,I saw this house. It has likely not changed much in many years.I don't think anyone lived in it now. This is not the house my mother grew up in, that one burned down many years ago.

The house may be old but the Hollyhocks are still blooming beautifully.

The Western Meadowlark is common around here.This one was so busy preening he didn't mind me taking a picture.

He finally looked up to see what I was doing.

While waiting for the sunset,I spied this piece of equipment. I am  not a farmer and have never been, so I had better not name this, as it would likely be wrong.I just liked the unique lines of it.

I do believe this is a Swainson's Hawk.

A small butterfly on the Tansy.

This is a Black Swallowtail.He was far away from me so I have had to crop the image significantly.

These a re a few of the sights I have seen ,while driving on mostly back roads in Southern Manitoba.

Closing Thought:
Dear Lord,I’m so grateful that You love makeovers as much as I do!
You know my heart and You know my messes,failures and wounds.
Please create a clean heart in me today,Lord.
Would You do a new and beautiful thing?
In Jesus’ name I pray,Amen

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Many Faces of Manitoba

Living in Manitoba,is,if anything, never boring.The weather changes quickly and so do the scenes we see.

This past summer we had quite a bit of smoke in the air and that brought some interesting and unique sunsets, like the one seen below.

Summer storms often come with tall billowing thunderheads, but not always. One day as I was watching the weather,I knew I had better get out of town to where I could get better pictures. No we did not have those towering clouds, instead,it looked like a mountain range to the west.Those smooth dark clouds looked deceptive.

Here is another shot of this smooth cloud rolling in. In the end we had some rain, but nothing of great significance.

While watching the sky is a lot of fun,I must not forget the beauty around my feet.The wild Bergamot is very pretty.

Another wild flower, the Mexican Hat is very showy.

One last look at the sky.I find sky/cloud watching so enjoyable.Each day brings new beauty. This one looks like it could dump some rain on us so we had better find shelter.

Closing Thought:

It’s not how much we have,  
but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.