Thursday, October 30, 2014


I guess the title should be reversed,since I am starting with the 'away' beauty,but that didn't sound right to me. Be warned that this post contains more than my usual five pictures.

I wanted to share a few more pictures form my Minnesota trip.I did find some spectacular beauty.
These trees were at a rest stop that we had stopped at. I thought they were gorgeous in the blue sky.

Detroit Lake had some beauty as well. I had imagined a calm body of water and beautiful reflections along the shore.Well,that was not the case,but I persisted in finding beauty none the less.

Some flowers and grasses along the shore aided me in finding that beauty.

One more look at the lake,through the grasses.You can see there is still some color on the far shore,but it was quite windy so no calm water or reflections this time.

These colourful trees were on a parking lot of a hotel.Guess I was getting desperate to find color and beauty,but I liked how they looked.

All vacations must come to an end,but not the beauty. This is an early morning sunrise,taken with my phone before I got the bus ready to roll for the day.

One more sunrise,phone shot.Here you can see part of another bus.I was just in awe of the beauty of that morning.

Meanwhile,while back on my yard the Geraniums are still blooming.This picture was taken on October 10,and as I am writing this,October 30,they still look just as beautiful.

The Amur Maples on my yard were very pretty,but by now have lost most of their leaves.

This last picture speaks to me at a different level. Yes,I like the color,but what I really see is that even though the leaves may be a little tattered they still have beauty. This reminds me that even when I feel a little 'tattered',I can still show the beauty of the Lord to those around me. I still have value,even though I am not perfect. And,by the way, so do you.You and I are precious in God's sight.

Monday, October 27, 2014


I found material for a blog post recently.Something I had never thought of before.

First let me say that I am so thankful to share a border with the USA.There is no other country in the world that I would rather have as a neighbour.
I live about 15 miles from the US border now and grew up living even closer than that.
According to the internet this border is the longest international border in the world,spanning 5,525 miles.

Now here is the interesting part,to cross into the other country we need to have a passport and follow all the rules laid out by each country's government.I have no problem with that.I do however also know that getting from one country to the other would be very easy for someone who wanted to bypass the law.I am not trying to give ideas to anyone,but just stating facts.

 Driving along,recently,southwest of where I live,I came upon several posts like this.I knew all along that they were there,but had never really thought too much about this.
You can see that on the side I was,it says Canada.The opposite side would say United States of America.This post and the others I saw,are standing on the border.

Here is a broader view of the area. Again you can see that I am a law abiding citizen and am staying on the Canadian side,but the field you see is US soil.

I now turned my camera west along,what is the border between two countries.The road you see is in Canada,but just across the ditch is the USA. It is  great to see that two countries trust each other so completely.Once again,let me say that I would not know of another country in the world that I would want to share a border with and definitely not an open one like this.

I love my friends in the US and as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter which country you or I live in,it only matters that we are able to get along peaceably.
The above scenes look very drab,but that is because it is the fall of the year and even the grass has lost its color.

I have two more pictures to share,neither of which has anything to do with borders or countries.
This is the Thanksgiving display at my church. Someone went to a lot of work to make the church foyer look lovely and inviting.

Of course beauty abounds wherever we look. In fall the trees are clothed in the most gorgeous golden robes.Add some sunshine and the scene is breathtaking.

 Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.
I have met so many friends in Blogland and to each of you I say thank-you for being my friend.