Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morden Corn and Apple Festival,Part 2

Corn and Apple Festival continued.

I will show some more parade entries.
As I said we are home to the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre ,Here is a replica of one of the fossils discovered in this area.

I didn't know that the Fintstones were still alive and active,but their car was driving down the parade route.

 So I now know what I need to look for when shopping for a motor home. It has to have a TV on the outside. How else could one survive this roughing it,called camping? LOL

The local Taekwondo group was out,handing out candies to the youngsters along the parade route. 

From motor homes with outside TVs to some the old vehicles,all are on display in the parade.

With all this activity,one must be fed. My church was cooking up some delicious apple ring fritters. All funds raised were going to the Pembina Valley Bible Camp,so it was only right that Todd,the director got the first serving.

This is a small look at the campers parked at one of the school yards in town. Yes,we do have a campground,but it is usually overfull,so a school ground is opened up for additional space.

My favourite ride to watch is the Merry Go Round. It is quieter and quite pretty. Of course I only watch.I will not be doing any riding,on any rides.

My favourite time of the festival is Sunday. The city has designated that all entertainment on the main stage is Gospel on that day.
We had a soloist,Aaron Ruston,who opened the day. Aaron sings a lot of Booth Brothers songs,but it doesn't matter which song he sings,he does a super job of it.This man has an amazing voice.
He was followed by an amazing speaker,Ron Pearce.Ron has been all over the world,sharing the Gospel and has so many interesting stories to share.I did not get a picture of him.

Another group was the Torchmen from Ontario ,Canada. These guys sing Southern Gospel style and do a great job. I had not heard them in person before,so it was a treat for me. There were a couple of other groups,but once again,I did not get pictures.

If you ever have the chance,come visit Morden during Festival time. We will treat you right,fill your tummy with good food,your heart with good music and preaching.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morden Corn and Apple Festival,Part 1

I want to say up front that these pictures are not great quality,all have been taken with my iPhone,held in one hand while trying to hold an umbrella over my head with the other.
The weekend of August 22-24 was the annual Corn and Apple Festival in my home town/city.
This event draws people from near and far. Festivities begin on Friday,with at least 7 blocks of the main street blocked off.The street is lined with food booths and vendors of all kinds.At one end,several blocks are designated to amusement rides,a popular spot for kids of all ages.

Saturday morning begins with a parade.Here are my sister,Becky,her granddaughter,Addy and my granddaughter Kai waiting for the parade to begin. It was drizzling constantly,but we toughed it out.

Some of my favourite floats and entries are the marching bands. We didn't have many this year,but I enjoyed this small group as they came by.

Morden is home to peoples from many countries and it was wonderful to see a parade entry consisting of people from many nations.

Of course a parade is not complete without horses. These two riders are friends of mine.A father and daughter team.Dave and Clarissa look very comfortable on their horses.

Sometime during the parade the local firemen come along,looking for donations to the Children's Burn Fund.Lots of funds get dropped in those large fireman's boots.

Neighbouring communities take part as well. This is from Steinbach,advertising the Mennonite Heritage Village.

Morden is home to the Canadian Fossil Discovery Center,so this vehicle is advertising that.

Farmers cannot be left out. This is a far cry from the small tractors I grew up with. Better hope that the crops will be abundant,to help pay for a machine like this.

Not only are the tractors big,but so are the muscles. My nephew Dave is a body builder and works at a gym.He was on the float promoting the gym. With arms like that,I hope he will be around when I need some heavy lifting done.

From pure muscle to pure beauty.I loved this dress,worn by one of the representatives from another country.

Watch for another post about this festival coming in a day or two.