Monday, January 22, 2018

A Summer Walk Down Memory Lane

The calendar may be saying it's January,but for this post,I'm thinking summer.I hope you don't mind getting away from cold, snow and winter weather for just a little while.

The following are still pictures taken by Jake,before the time of digital cameras.
As I was scrolling through my photos,I saw these and just have to share them, for no other reason, than that I like how they look.

I am guessing at some of the locations.I do believe this is at Rainbow Falls in the Whiteshell.

I won't venture a guess on this location, but the deep colors are what drew me to it.

Again,I have no idea where this was.It looks like this couple, unknown to me and I'm pretty sure to Jake as well, were enjoying a leisurely ride down the river.

Look at the peaceful water and the reflections.So pretty.

This is at Rainbow Falls in Whitehall Provincial Park in eastern Manitoba.

This almost looks like the shore of Lake Minniwasta,but I've never seen a patch of flowers like this there.Now,considering that this was many years ago,I guess that could account for the flowers I've never seen.

Wild Monarda is delicate and pretty.This is likely in some rural roadside ditch.

I had better not give a name for these,cause I am just not sure.The purple and yellow sure do make for a nice picture.

I know what this is.This is a patch of Tansy.The small button like flowers are easy to identify.

Not only do I know what kind of flowers these are,but I also know the location.The red Painted Daisy among the white Daisies were growing right on our yard.

 All these lovely scenes are created by God,the Maker of this universe.We get to enjoy their beauty and try our best to capture some of that beauty with a camera.

Closing Thought:
The Maker of the universe is the helper of God’s people! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Long Ago Sunsets

I am still sharing photos pulled out of the archives.These were all taken my Hubby,Jake,many years ago.I just hate to see them hiding on my computer so I share them here in hopes that they will cause you to look for beauty around you and to be thankful for each precious moment of life.
On my last post,I shared snowy photos, today,let's warm it up with a few sunset scenes.

Over the years, we took many a drive out into the countryside in order to capture the sunset.
Harvest time was and is always a good time to get pictures like this.

I am not sure just where this was taken, but I do know that I like how it looks.

I know exactly where Jake got this and the next shot.It had been a wet year so there were large puddles of water on the fields.This was one such puddle, but the setting sun turned it into a beautiful spot.This is on the way to the Pembina Valley.

This is a zoomed out view of the previous photo. The colors are simply amazing.

I was with Jake on many photo excursions, even though I did not own a camera at the time.This picture, though,was taken on one of those times when I was not there's I have no idea where it was.

This is another photo, where I am not sure of the location.,These last two images may well have happened even before we were married.I say that simply to say that they are old picture, but still so pretty.

Closing Thought:
Today, feel the awe and wonder of creation.