Sunday, November 23, 2014

Scenic Lake Minniwasta

In looking back through some of my photos,I couldn't help but be surprised that I had not shared these before,so here goes. I know we are stepping back a month or so,but the beauty remains the same.

Lake Minniwasta is a small lake,as lakes go,but it is the main source of water for the City of Morden.Aside from that,it is also a place of great beauty.
This is the road leading to the back,where the canoe launch is located.

A short walk through the trees and I can find this beautiful spot.I have stood at this place so many times,yet each time I am in awe again,at the beauty I can find there.

At the canoe launch site,which is a gently sloped,graveled area,one can walk right up to or even into the water.Since I am not a water person,I stand at the edge and get my pictures.
Gentle waves lapping at the shore create a peaceful scene.

The sun creates a path of diamond across the lake.I love how this particular time they actually looked like stars on the water.

I tried to get up close and personal with the water and still keep my feet and camera dry. The camera was of more importance than my feet.
A small wave breaks at the shore and gives me a picture I really enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed visiting 'my' lake once again.Let's do it again soon.

There is so much beauty in the world,
but you must allow yourself to see it.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Start of Christmas 2014

At my house the Christmas trees go up early,maybe too early for some,but I like to have them up early and then once December 26 rolls around,I am ready to turn my house back to normal.
This year it was on November 7th that Steve and Kai came over to help set up my two trees.I need to clarify this,I put the trees where I wanted them and put the ribbon on them,Kai did all the decorating and as she put it,'Daddy can just sit there and watch'. 
Well Steve found something to do,he grabbed my camera and took a few shots while she worked.

That intense look on her face says that each ornament,no matter how small,must be hung at just the right place.

This little Reindeer has been in my home for many years and always gets a special spot on the tree.After the decorating is done,it becomes a game to see where the reindeer will be hiding and what may be in it's mouth.

Just to prove that the reindeer can open it's mouth when you squeeze his cheeks.

 This is tree one with red and white .

And tree two with pink and white.

The trees came pre-lit and even the bases are pretty.The lights flicker and make it look like stars twinkling.

This is a close-up of the stars in the base.

Whether you are preparing for Christmas or Thanksgiving in the US or any other event,remember:
Invest the time,talent and resources God has given you this day.