Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ring-billed Gulls

Allow me to take you to St Vital Park in Winnipeg,Manitoba.
This is one of our favorite places to photograph water birds.
The following pictures were taken on April 17,2010.
All pictures were shot with the Canon Rebel xti,and 100-400mm lens,
using it at 400mm.
This is a typical scene at the park,gulls flying overhead.
This image has not been cropped so you can see it was really close.
Another Ring-billed Gull,this time flying a little lower,again,uncropped.
These two landed on a light post and looked like they were posing,
both having their head turned the same way.
This picture has been cropped a little.

Here is an uncropped photo,to show just how close they allow one to come.
It is shot at 400mm,but still,this is all I could get in the picture.
Looking across the small pond I noticed a Gull landing on a tree.
This is something I had never seen before.
He seemed to have a hard time balancing on the thin branches.
Just another shot of the same Gull.
I thought his balancing act looked quite lovely.Both of these pictures are cropped a small amount.
I am sure that throughout the summer there will be more picture from this park.

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  1. Looks like someone took a felt marker to his bill! So cute to have that extra little touch to make each unique! Thanks for sharing these Ruth!
    Have a great week-end1

  2. The gulls are beautiful, Ruth. So white and clean looking. They don't seem to have much fear of humans, do they? Very nice pictures. It's always special to see your new posts. Diane

  3. Wonderful Shots of this beautiful bird! We saw hundreds of these at a lake near here, but they were so fast I couldn't get good shots like yours. Might have something to do with the photographer:-)

  4. I love taking pictures of Gulls. They are always so comical and seem willing to pose. Great shots Ruth.

  5. These birds are quite lovely and that little ring on the bill makes them look interesting for sure. Great exposures on the white and such detail in the feathers in flight!
    I'll say you were close - and you showed us how pretty their eyes are!

  6. It is great to see birds I don't see in my area. All the pictures are super!

  7. Good shots! Love the Gull balancing on the branch. We've witnessed this several times over at Bowdoin NWR. There were literally dozens of them trying to land on tree branches. A little hard to do with webbed feet!

  8. Good job Ruth! These gulls were extremely photogenic.

  9. Your photography of these gulls is beautiful, Ruth.

  10. Lovely shots Ruth.

    I bet that gull did have a difficult time balancing on those webbed feet. I can't remember ever seeing a gull in a tree before either.

  11. These are wonderful pictures! The pictures of the landing bird are exquisite. I hope we see many more pictures from here.

  12. This looks like a lovely park to visit. Beautiful gull shots!

  13. Ruth: Great photos of the gulls, certainly see where they get the name.

  14. Beautiful pictures, I've never seen a gull on a tree before either. They are one of my favorite birds.

  15. Excellent, there is not a weak shot in the group. I like how you captured the action and the extreme close-up is so beautiful.

  16. Ruth,
    You really did a wonderful job of capturing these ring-billed gulls..your shots are so nicely composed and so crisp! What a lovely day you must have had.

  17. Wow--those gulls are amazing, Ruth... You were able to get close, weren't you??? Great photos.

  18. I think Gulls look so graceful in the air! Love these shots and especially the ones of the 'balancing act'. I've never seen them do that before.
    Are you using the 400mm lens handheld or with a tripod for these?


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