Sunday, November 16, 2014

Going Back on My Word

In my last post I stated that those would be the last pictures of fall 2014.
Guess what? I found that I had 10 more pictures ready and waiting to be posted, SO, since I am a woman and I have the right to change my mind,here are some more fall photos.
You may laugh now or leave the site and come back another time.I do hope you stay for a while,I'll take the laughing. So here goes.

With so many photos,I will keep the words to a minimum.
This tree stands on the neighbours property.Yes,it is standing straight,but just for fun,I held the camera at an angle.

Another angled camera shot.This is in our local park.

Similar to the above,but the camera held correctly.

In our local park.It's a pretty spot most any time of the year.

This is a shrub on my yard.I liked how the sun lit up these leaves.

An early morning at the park,the dew covered all the fallen leaves and made for some gorgeous shots.

The foot bridge across the creek in the park.

Looking down into the creek to capture the fall reflections.

A carpet of leaves makes a pretty scene.This is also at the park.

Here is a close up of the texture of the bark on one of the many trees in the park.

I may have a couple more pictures with fall color,but the next post will certainly show that winter is on the way.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the beauty around you.


  1. laughing while I give you a standing ovation and clapping to. these are wonderful and i am glad you did not miss posting them. my favorites are
    angles trees
    red leaves
    droplets on leaf is number 1
    foot bridge

  2. we will TOTALLY forgive you. :) love the golden forest!

  3. I'm glad you changed your mind when you found these pictures. All of the photos are beautiful, but I especially like dew drops and the tree bark.

  4. Very well done Rurh!! Love ur pics!!

  5. I want to say that the drops of dew on the leaf is my favorite, but the gorgeous yellow leaves on the trees are just as outstanding....Such beauty here

  6. I'm neither laughing nor leaving. But I am nodding in recognition. I probably still have some summer shots to share.

    Your fall images are wonderful. That's a lovely park and I bet it smiles its very best when it sees you coming with your camera. The proof is in these pics.

  7. SO enjoying your post!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  8. I'm glad you decided to go back on your word! All these pictures are gorgeous! It's okay with me if you post Autumn pictures until Christmas. After all, it's my favorite season.

  9. Ruth, what spectacular shots! I love them all. All our Autumn colour is pretty well gone. We've had some sunny, cold weather here accompanied by pretty good winds and that's pretty well put all the leaves on the ground!

  10. gorgeous ruth, and so worth sharing!! it's still fall here at the jersey shore!!!!

  11. Beautiful! I'm glad you changed your mind and posted more fall pictures. I love the carpet of yellow.

  12. Gorgeous---all of them. I love Fall and hate to see it end. My blog today and this coming Thursday will also show some pretty Fall colors in North Carolina..

    My favorite pictures are the next to the last one (gorgeous) and the one with dew on the leaves.

  13. And I'm so glad you changed your mind...these are all gorgeous photos, Ruth. After this nasty weather we are experiencing now, I'm pretty sure our pretty leaves will gone. There is always something of beauty in every season to photograph though :)

  14. More beautiful photos. I really like the footbridge too. I used to walk over many of them on my walks where I used to live.

  15. I am glad you changed your mind, Ruth! Beautiful...all of them...but my favorite is the carpet of leaves in the second to last photo. I would love to walk through there and just soak up the warmth of the fall beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love your sense of humour and playfulness! That one leaf looks gilded! Amazing shots - all of them.

  17. don't you love it when that happens. i think it is too funny. i usually bite my tongue and move on ... wonder why we do that? to prove ourselves wrong or? ( :

  18. Goodness! These are stunning. I love that you're playing with angles and composition. Adds a little whimsy I think. So glad you went back on your word because these needed exposure!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous fall shots. I am just thinking that maybe in the depths of winter we might all be glad to see shots like this to cheer us up.

  20. I love these shots! Now I want to get out and snap a few myself.

  21. One word Ruth....spectacular!!!!!!

  22. I'm glad you shared these...they are beautiful! I'm not done sharing my fall photos either...I plan on ignoring the snow until winter is officially here!

  23. Hi Ruth, I DID laugh and I DID enjoy the photos! Thank you for sharing some more excellent fall color photos. One thing is for sure: Women always have the right to change their minds! :-) John

  24. I'm surprised you weren't late to the party with this beautiful photo shoot. Diane


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