Thursday, November 27, 2014

Special Views and Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. Have a wonderful day.
The title of this post is Special Views and what is more special than family and friends.
Let's all remember to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives.

I have entitled the post,Special Views.Each view is special in my opinion,but some are just
slightly more so than others.

A walk around the yard resulted in this photo and the next.
It is so easy to walk right past something like this and not really see the beauty.
The lichen growing on this limb is filled with intricate details.

Trying to get a bugs eye view of the area under the evergreens,resulted in this shot. I kind of like the perspective.

Here are a few more pictures from my sunset shoot in mid-October,at Lake Minniwasta.
There were only a few clouds in the western sky,but they were just enough to create interest.

When I noticed a small flock of birds flying across the lake,I tried to capture them in the sunset. I am not totally sure,but I think they are Double-crested Cormorants.

The eastern sky had  more clouds and they picked up the rays of the sun,making for a gorgeous display.

As the sun was setting,it seemed as though I could hear God say.
"Relax,your problems are in my hands now".


  1. lovely shots from high and low. :) thanks, ruth!

  2. Thank you. : ) Each one is beautiful!!

  3. Each of these is in fact special -- and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the beauty you find with us.

  4. Yes, I agree! Each one is full of beauty! I love the lichen! I have never seen any this beautiful color, it is the color of thanksgiving!! Next favorite are the clouds in the lake, and the birds flying. For The Beauty Of The Earth is what I am thinking now!!

  5. I love the bugs eye view of the pine cone, beautiful and the sunset shoot is fantastic. i almost missed the 4 people standing by the lake... after i saw them that is my favorite part of the photo. i love silhouettes

  6. Ruth, wonderful images! Hope you have a great day!

  7. Thanks for always putting in these lovely pictures. I think they are the best ever. I really have enjoyed your pictures over the time I took off. I love that third one down. cheers.

  8. Beautiful photos! I like your perspectives!!

  9. so pretty. i was going to say i love the glow in the pine cones ... then you showed all the pretty sunset shots. what a gorgeous day. so pretty. turkey day was fun with the family. stay warm. ( :

  10. Gorgeous. I especially like the pine cone drenched in sunlight.

  11. Hi Ruth, Beautiful photos! You snapped that sunset on the clouds at just the perfect moment. Wishing you a fine weekend ahead. John

  12. Gorgeous, Ruth. Great macro of the lichen.. As you said, those are the things we sometimes just overlook... So much beauty all around us ---if we take time to LOOK....

    Have a great day.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE .....especially the pine cone one....Divine!!

  14. Beautiful photos of pine cones and it!

  15. Thank you Ruth. Very pretty shots. Diane

  16. The Fir cone shot is excellent and I love all the beautiful sky shot.


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