Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Memories of Winter 2013

December is well on the way and activities are many,as we prepare for Christmas.
Living in southern Manitoba,Canada,one thing we like to see around this time of year,or at least some of us like to see,is a good layer of snow.We have some,the ground is mostly covered,but ideally,I would like to see more.
The following are images from the end of December of 2013.

All photos are taken on my yard and likely from the warm comfort of my house,perhaps through an open window. Enjoy,winter as it should be in Manitoba.

I love watching a snowfall like this. Big flakes,quickly blanketing the landscape.

The words from this song seem to match the images above.

Snowy flakes are falling softly
Clothing all the world in white
High above the stars are shining
Twinkling through the wint'ry night
Was it just like this, we wonder,
Starry bright and crisp and cold
On that Christmas night of old?

Angels spread their wondrous story:
Jesus Christ is born today
"Peace on earth," they sang, "and glory
Be to God on High alway"
So we sing the sweetest carols
Telling how the King of love
Came to save from heaven above


  1. I cannot believe these were taken through your window. they are gorgeous! They look like the front of Christmas cards! and also I like what the beautiful light is doing. the sun through the trees is working it's magic on the snow. The song words match perfectly!

  2. beautiful light and heavy snow!

  3. Winter in Manitoba is absolutely gorgeous. I love the light in your first photo, but all of them are marvelous.

  4. Wonderful impressions of the winter season.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. oohhhh ruth, you know I love it!! snow and sunshine, what an awesome combination!!!

  6. Love the words to that song... Beautiful pictures. I hope that we get some pretty snow like that this winter... I don't want much of it ---but a couple of nice snows would be fantastic.....

    Love the one with the sunshine beaming through the trees.


  7. Ruth, lovely images! Currently we are in the middle of a gale. Heavy winds and a rainfall warning! That's winter on the coast!!

  8. Beautiful photos, Ruth. Despite the cold snow of winter, that first one has such a warm touch to it.

  9. Beautiful photos!

    Thanks for posting them.

  10. You had a wonderful golden light for some of these photos. I agree - more snow is better. We could use a good storm here.

  11. Beautiful!! At least you have snow. Ours is all gone. Supposed to get some tonight. Hope so.

  12. So soft and peaceful with the natural lighting.

  13. Pretty wintery shots, Ruth, and more to come. Diane

  14. Absolutely gorgeous... I would so enjoy visiting in your part of the world

  15. Your photos ALMOST make me want more snow! (o:

  16. The light in those first two images is just awesome. The beauty in your area is magical......

  17. I love the way the sunlight looks on the snow! I'm not a huge fan of snow being the big chicken I am and a worry-wart when my family has to travel to work on bad roads, but I have to say it makes the landscape look beautiful!

  18. Beautiful sunlight AND snow, Ruth. We haven't had either here in central Ontario in - it seems like - forever.

  19. I live in Oregon and we have a nice view of the mountains with snow. I prefer the view than living in it. We occasionally get some snow, very light and gone fast.

  20. Lovely photos, lovely words. But I'm happy with seeing winter snow on the mountain peaks behind our home and not on the streets and sidewalks in the valley!

  21. Hi Ruth, You have such a wonderful way of putting together a post with excellent photos and an encouraging thought. You took some great snow pictures. Must be fun being inside and enjoying those views. Thanks for sharing! John

  22. Oh, just beautiful, Ruth. We've had ice, rain, flurries for a week now! Gray and cool. Anxious for a wee bit of sun to sparkle through.

  23. Hi Ruth, Stopping by for a second comment on this post to wish you a good weekend. Also, your new profile photo is excellent. Best regards from the West Coast. John


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