Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Bouquet of Flowers For You

Looking through my pictures,I realize that it is time to share some flower shots from this summer.
So many beautiful flowers to choose from and yet I don't know which ones I want to share first.

I love the Peonies.They usually don't last very long,as they bloom during a time when we often get rains.Once these flowers get water-logged,they bow down and that is about it,but I still love their full blossoms.

What can I say about the Daisy? Even with a few petals missing it is still a pretty flower.
I think part of what draws me to the Daisy is it's simplicity,and it's strength. These flowers grow and bloom without much care.

Some of my extended family moved to a country property recently and during one of my visits there I found several lovely flowers growing among the gardens which had been allowed to grow wild.
This simple Peony was stunning,a few raindrops added to the beauty.

To me this is an old flower,one my Mom used to have in the garden. I did not know the name,so I had to look it up. I found that it is called Maltese Cross.
I  think it is beautiful and so bright.

Another old favourite is the stately Delphinium.We used to grow them in our gardens,but in recent years I have not had any.They are also a very pretty flower. No this one is not lying down,I held the camera at an angle.

Closing Thought:
Give yourself fully to the adventure of today.Walk boldly along the path of life,relying on your ever-present Companion,God.


  1. I love the header colors.

    Peonies smell so sweet and remind me of Mom and Granny. They said Peonies weren't happy, they would not bloom.

    Daisies were in my wedding bouquet with yellow roses.

    Wonderful flowers.

  2. The peony is stunning, such a gorgeous color!! The daisy surely reminded me of "I love you, I love you not"!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful bouquet with us. All the blossoms are gorgeous.

  4. I love how flowers can conjure up memories. Peonies are beautiful. When we first bought our property with a mobile home on it almost 30 years ago, we had peonies. We moved them to my mom's while we built our home 16 years ago, but only one survived. We've left it at my moms. I don't think I've ever seen the Maltese Cross. That is really striking!

  5. i feel like i say this a lot ... but peonies are one of my most favorite flowers ever. sunflower. daisies. iris. peonies. but i can say there is really not a flower i don't love or enjoy!! your shots always make me happy. you do excellent work. please keep sharing. thanks!! ( :

    enjoy your day & week! it is flying by here. so hot & humid but at least we have AC. positivity (why does google not like that word, i guess i will go look it up in my dictionary) keeps life great!!

  6. The Maltese Cross flower is really pretty, with its bold color and all the small blossoms that make up the larger flower. I agree with you about daisies, too. There's something about them that just seems happy.

  7. Such pretty flowers. I, too, am crazy about daisies so I am glad you gave a description that made sense to me... simplicity and strength.

  8. I have a gold Maltese Cross that my fare gave me years ago. Thanks for all the lovely flowers today Ruth,. When you live on your own, like yourself, it is not often you get flowers so I loved them all.

  9. Your flowers are beautiful, Ruth. My flower bed is gone. We had a huge, nasty Hailstorm roar through here Monday evening, which wiped out crops, pastures, flowers, etc. Some folks had broken windows, but we escaped that part of it. But our lawn is a thick carpet of leaves that were knocked off the trees.

  10. Your photos are just stunning, Ruth! I think I can almost smell their lovely scent :) Happy Wednesday!

  11. It is so much fun to see the beauty God created in each one.

  12. Beautiful flowers and colors, Ruth. I'm not a fan of summer AT ALL (especially this summer which has been so miserably hot here) --but the flowers of summer are marvelous.... My favorite of yours today is the HEADER... Wow---I love love love those colors.


  13. I love the your bouquet of flowers! Thanks for sharing their beauty with us. The header flowers are such a gorgeous color and the peony is one of my favorite spring flowers. I wish they bloomed all summer!

  14. Oh all the flowers are so very pretty.

  15. Wonderful series of garden flowers. You just reminded me that I used to grow Maltese Cross. Hmmm. I wonder where they went.

  16. Ruth, what wonderful images! I love this time of the year, especially for all the colour! I have been quite enjoying the blooms in our garden too!

  17. So gorgeous. I think the daisy with the missing petal[s] is so artistically captured!!


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