Saturday, October 10, 2015

Be Thankful Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. 
It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada,but in my opinion,we ought to be thankful every day.

The pictures I am sharing go back to early September of this year.
I love to see the geese flocking like this in preparation of their flights south.

Usually,when one of them is spooked,the whole flock takes off.That is an amazing sight of wings in motion.

 Back in early September,the Hummingbirds were very active at the feeders.I do prefer pictures of them at flowers,but at the feeder is where they want to be,so I have to settle for those shots.

Of course the seed tray is also busy. I have Red-breasted Nuthatches around all year and I love them.

 This immature Ruby-throated Hummingbird seems to be contemplating if he should take a drink or not.

It doesn't take too long,until they find a favourite branch to land on before coming to the feeder.

Of course,where there are two or more Hummers,there is bound to be some fighting going on.These two blend into their surrounding swell.

The day draws to a close.Harvest time often brings beautiful sunsets.I think it could be in part because of the grain dust in the air.

The farmers work late into the evening to get the last of the crop in.

This is a 'for fun' picture. Riding off into the sunset.

It may be Thanksgiving for you or it may come a little later,but I challenge you,
every day find at least one thing for which to give thanks.

Let me start with a few of the things I'm thankful for:
The love of family and friends,
The freedom to worship God openly.
The beauty of nature all around me,————
I could go on and on.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Ruth! I hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth. Although the day's half over, I hope it's a great one. Your pictures are beautiful - I especially love the Canadian Geese. I can never get enough of looking at these amazing creatures. Diane

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth. Your photos are gorgeous and I thank you for reminding us that we have so much to be thankful for each and every day.

  4. Love your "for Fun" picture.... railroad tracks always draw me in. Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.....enjoy some great food for me!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth! I just came back from a train trip, so I like that last photo a lot. The sunset is magical.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you. : )
    Love those hummingbird photos.

  7. Ruth, Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you have a great weekend! Love all these images. I was always very fond of all the geese in the sky at this time of year! You shot of the two Hummers in flight is fabulous! Great catch!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Ruth! I love the geese in motion. The two hummer photo was such a surprise as I only saw one until I read your caption!

  9. a happy thanksgiving to you and yours, ruth. i, too, try to count my blessings and express gratitude every day. thanks for sharing your beauty and those cute hummers, too. i believe ours are gone for the season, now, too.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving each and every day dear Ruth. If we look, or stop and think, there is always something to be thankful for.

    Your post is a lovely reminder.

    Have a nice holiday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  11. these photos are all wonderful. the birds are fantastic. I have never seen more than 3 geese in one place. the wing action is amazing in that second photo... i can almost hear the sound of the wings. all of the beauty in your photos is on my thankful list. Happy Thanksgiving. i got a chuckle at the farm machinery. when i first scrolled down i thought it was an arm tank. had to look twice

  12. I always try to be thankful each day for something, even if it is something small.

  13. Great shots of the hummingbirds, Ruth ! The Canada Geese around here seemed to have started their migration early this year - I wonder if that's a sign. But regardless of the weather, I agree that we have so much to be thankful for - all through the hand of our mighty Creator !

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  14. i love the hummingbird shots. the sun shots are amazing too. such great colors. hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. time is flying by this year. love these fall colors. a chance of rain tomorrow. we will see? ( :

  15. Love the hummingbird standoff and the beautiful shot of the setting sun with the farm implement in shadow. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I agree that we should live in a continual state of thankfulness. Even in hard times, we can find things for which to be thankful.

  16. Love the new header, first of all... but these have to be some of your best photos. I love them all..oh those! But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the farmer at sunset. What a wonderful story it tells. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your recovery is coming along well!

  17. I agree, we should be thankful everyday Ruth. Love all the bird images and the railways lines.

  18. Beautiful captures Ruth, the hummers are really wow!! Happy thanksgiving, I agree, we should be thankful everyday!! I hope you are doing a little better each day!!

  19. I really enjoyed your beautiful bird shots, Ruth. The hummers and the little nuthatch are so cute. That is a neat shot of the geese lifting off, too. Our Thanksgiving will be much later than yours, but you are right that we should be thankful each day. I especially try to give thanks for the things that I used to take for granted...such as my eyesight. How blessed we are to see God's beauty all around us every day! Take care of yourself and I hope you are feeling stronger every day!

  20. Ruth, these images are some of my very favorites. I too love watching the harvest in the fall.


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