Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Garden Joys from City to Country

This post is a continuation from the last one.The pictures are all taken on a day in early September,2015. It is my aim to show that both city and country have a lot of natural beauty.

We start this blog in the English Gardens.The Cleome are delicate and beautiful.

No visit to the English Gardens is complete without at least one rose photo.

The Gardens are always new and fresh.I had not seen this before.
Around a small pool,they filled these planters with succulents.

At the Water lily pond,I was impressed with the way this bud looked under the water.
Yes,they do add some blue tint to the water.I'm guessing it is something to keep the water cleaner.

Now we leave the city and head over to an acreage,owned by by Jake's brother and his family.
They have recently acquired this property and since I don't have to do the yard work,I enjoy the beauty all around the yard.
The late day sun highlighted these grasses and that caught my eye.

In the garden the Sunflowers were very pretty.The bee seemed to enjoy them as well.

Of course,I have to take a look at the back side of the sunflower.I love all that detail.

Still in the backyard of this place.The pond may be covered with algae but it is a place of beauty.

Once again,it was the evening light which added extra beauty to an already lovely place.

The yard is beautiful,but I must say it is the love and warm welcome I receive each time I go,that draws me back again and again.

Today,I am thankful for beauty in city and country,but even more,I am thankful for the love of family.


  1. You've done a wonderful job of showing the beauty of both city and country. Your photos are fantastic. I really like the pond of the country home.

  2. as long as it is green, living, flowers i am happy. country or garden both make me happy. that is a wonderful shot of the rose

  3. very beautiful. i like the cattails. :)

  4. All the pictures are outstanding. Wow.

  5. Hi Ruth... Wonderful photo of the fence!!!! A nice fence always draws me.. I've seen a lot of succulents this past year, and I must say.. They're pretty neat.

  6. Ruth, beautiful images! We need all that colour! As the leaves drop, they will leave us with less colourful vistas for a few months!

  7. These are all truly beautiful. Love the bee on the sunflower and the intricate detail on the back of the flower. Jake's brother's place provided wonderful photo ops. The pond, cattails, and fence are beautifully captured.

  8. Oh My Goodness, IF I had to choose (hope I don't) between city and country---I'd take country anytime... This is the first year we have walked in our neighborhood and area on a daily basis... Even though it takes up a lot of time, I enjoy being out in nature SO much...

    That is a gorgeous photo of that rose... Beautiful color(s).... WOW!!!! AND--you know how much I love Water Lilies and also succulents (semps specifically)...

    Great post.

  9. Beautiful, beautiful photos of these lovely flowers! I love the "Hens and Chicks" succulents...they remind me of my mom :)

  10. I am a little bit country, a little bit city and a lot of shore girl!! Wherever I am when you ask me, that is my favorite place!! Ruth, you images are just gorgeous....the sunflowers are always a favorite!!

  11. Yes, if we look, there is beauty all around us no matter where we are. Your photographs are superb. That first one is utterly stunning. Love the stillness of the pond.

  12. I love the detail also....amazing what is behind a sunflower! The grasses are even pretty. Flowers magnificent! Your photos are so talented

  13. Thanks so much for the walk through the garden, it was just beautiful Ruth.

  14. I very much like the colour of that rose! And the Cleome is stunning.

  15. Hi Ruth, I'm finally back after a much-needed break. And OH MY, what a beautiful post! Love all your gorgeous photos!!!

  16. Such an array of beauty, both in the city gardens and country gardens. Love your photos Ruth.


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