Thursday, October 15, 2015

Manitoba Wildlife and Sunsets

The seasons march on and change is all around.I guess the only thing that remains constant is that I am always posting pictures that are not very recent.
In early September I spent quite a lot of time driving around and that resulted in seeing animals,birds and sunsets.

Today,I share a set of photos taken around southern Manitoba in early September of 2015.
Unfortunately,by the time the deer come out of the woods,it is usually too late for good light,so the pictures are not perfect,but I share them anyway,because I was thrilled to see the deer.

Here mama and her twin fawns are at the edge of the bush.

Once a birder,always a birder,so when I saw this Red-tailed hawk,I had to get some shots.

He,on the other hand had different ideas.I was pleased to catch this shot right on lift-off.

At another location,this Bald Eagle was perched in a lone tree.Once again,the bird was much too far away,but I still like the photo.

Closer to the road,the cattle was grazing contentedly.

 While driving along on the country roads my sister,Becky and I were discussing how we see does and fawns but never get to see a buck.We had no sooner uttered those words,when I saw two beautiful bucks in the ditch on the right hand side of the road.I knew I had no chance of getting out,so I fired a quick shot through the window of the car.

Both of these bucks slowly crossed the road and walked just into the bush on the left hand side of the road.This one stopped and turned to look at me.My camera was not set right and the light was low,but this is what I got.Isn't he pretty.He is still in velvet.

We drove a little farther and waited for the sun to set and were not disappointed with the show.

The color intensified as the sun went lower.

The sun is bidding us goodnight.It had been a great evening.

One thing that I learned from this excursion is,the photos may not all turn out sharp and clear,but the memories they hold are perfect.
Come to think of it,that's much like life.It does not always turn out perfectly but the memories we make along the way are priceless.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom at the end of this post, as well as the beautiful photos. The memories are indeed priceless.

  2. It's always more about the memories than about the photos themselves.... I have a good friend who is always doing wonderful things with her grandchildren. BUT--she/they seldom take any pictures.... I keep telling her that she'll regret that sometime when the kids are grown and she wants to share those memories....

    I seldom see a buck here --although I constantly see Mama and little ones... They 'say'???? that the bucks are out at nights --when we can't see them... Maybe I need a night camera.

    Great pictures and your sunset took my breath away. Wow.

  3. What wonderful photos dear Ruth. Even though they may not be as perfect as you'd like them to be, they captured the moments.

    Memories are priceless and we hold them dear to our hearts.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  4. Beautiful!!! The deer especially. Love the one buck 'hidden' in the trees. And your hawk and
    Nothing can beat the paint brush colors of the sky at sunset.

  5. Extraordinary the buck by the road, but as a driver-- yikes!!

  6. Beautiful photos. Great capture of the hawk taking off and I love the deer as well.
    Wise words at the end of your post. : )

  7. you saw all sorts of amazing critters. i have gotten 3 maybe less great shots of eagles. once in Canada, once here in Virginia. so it is amazing when you get those guys. to me they are very intimidating ... when i shot one recently ...back in August ... it was like he was watching me, instead of the other way around ... very creepy. i did keep talking to him and things like i am only taking your picture, nothing mr. eagle.i think he gave me a pass because he didn't attack my hat. ha. ha! ( :

    love the sunset shot ... so crisp ... those colors are amazing!! do you paint? that would be an amazing shot to take to canvas.

    i love it when the deer have fuzzy antlers ... i don't think i have ever capture a similar shot. way cool.

  8. it doens't matter to me when you take the photos. these are awesome and i love seeing wildlife that I have never seen and probably will never see. the buck is wonderful.... i like the lift off shot to... keep them coming. you know i like to archive dive to

  9. It is exciting to catch shots of wildlife. You can crop any photo to get closer looks at your subjects.

  10. so many things to be thankful for on this drive, no matter how the pictures come out!! have a great weekend ruth!!!

  11. Lovely shots, Ruth. Glad you got to see the bucks and get shots of them. That's my kind of shooting. Not the one with a gun. Diane

  12. Lovely shots, Ruth. Glad you got to see the bucks and get shots of them. That's my kind of shooting. Not the one with a gun. Diane

  13. Hi Ruth, Wow, you sure put a lot of work into this beautiful post. New header looks really great! I sure agree with you about the pictures ... it's the memory that counts. On the eagle photo ... I'm glad you shared that one because the scenery is so beautiful and we would have missed that with a close up of the bird. You know I love the sunset photos and the ones you shared here are just wonderful. I can never get enough sunset pictures ... how about you? :-) Wishing you a fine weekend ahead!

  14. What a great show Ruth, you see some wonderful wildlife.

  15. Ruth, beautiful images! Growing up in Manitoba I never saw a Bald Eagle. I was always out in the bush somewhere. I glad they are making a return.
    That Buck is a beauty! I don't know how people can shoot them!


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