Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Springtime Art

According to the calendar it is spring,but we all know that the weather need not agree with that.
The pictures I am sharing today were all taken two years ago in early spring.

The snow does begin to melt on warmer days.Here you can see the way the snow is melting,creating craters in the snow banks.Add to that an overnight dusting of snow and suddenly this turns into a creative design.

On the little puddles the ice is also beginning to melt,leaving interesting textures.

I was out one evening hoping for a beautiful sunset,and likely got that,but I also got a bonus.I noticed the water in the ditch beside the road and the lace like patterns that the remaining ice was creating.The setting sun added a nice soft color to this scene.

At the Pembina River the ice has obviously broken up,leaving behind chucks of ice that will soon melt and blend into the water.

Lake Minniwasta is ice free,but as you can see the trees are still waiting for their new green leafy garments.

I so enjoy the springtime,when there is the excitement of new growth and new  birds arriving.

Closing Thought:
Heavenly Father,
Teach me the art of responding to life,
not with my feelings but a clear mind and a clear resolve.


  1. Thanks for sharing God's artwork with us. You've captured it beautifully.

  2. No sight of spring there, I see. It's a bit different here. Lovely images.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. There certainly is beauty all around when we look for it! I love the shot of the lake with the bare trees.

  4. I'm with Christine...though all of your photos are beautiful, that last one is stunner :)

  5. Good eyes, Ruth, seeing the beauty all around you. More snow due here this week with wind.

  6. I am so glad you SEE the ice patterns, they are art to me ... Our creators art and you SEE it. most do not

  7. Ruth, lovely images! Soon it will be flowers!

  8. Spring doesn't always arrive when the calendar says so. : )
    Your pictures are beautiful.

  9. Definitely some Snow and/or Ice ART for sure.... Beautiful!!!!!

    The last one is AWESOME... Love the glistening water!!!!!


  10. The melting ice is an encouraging prelude to the bursting color of spring that is just around the corner. Beautiful photos, Ruth.

  11. isn't it fun how you can find beauty in the simple things of life? love that. i love the ice. every year when it is spring time i think, really? it can't be spring? too cold. ( :

  12. The Lords lovely world always amazes me.

  13. I love how the lake looks so sparkling! The art you captured is so pretty and something that many would not even take time to notice. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images!

  14. Beautiful Ruth. Each and every one. I really really like the lacy ice crystals you found.

    Yep, Spring in the Northern areas comes late, but as you say, it can be quite artful.

  15. beautiful patterns in the snow....our spring is looking quite the same!!!!

  16. I love spring! I never thought of looking for the art in the beauty! If really is art!

  17. Lovely details of spring coming to you, the melting snow. You show us how lovely even the small things in nature are.

  18. dear ruth,
    here's to a beautiful, bountiful spring!
    happy easter!

  19. Lovely images as always Ruth. It seems Spring is not tooooo far away.


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