Friday, August 17, 2018

Wild and Wonderful

This features some recent animal sightings.
I wish these animals would learn to cooperate with me better, but since they don't,I have to be satisfied with what I get.

This is the time of year that the White-tailed Deer are making more and more appearances. They usually come out when the sun is almost down so light is not in my favour.

OOOPS! Don't want to get too close to this one. The Porcupine has very few enemies and that is for good reason.

The Mama to these, must have been busy.I don't often see triplets, so this was a special sighting.

Sometimes even the animals get hot and look for a way to cool off.

Mama and baby, posing for me.

Something To Think About:
Those who walk with God,always reach their destination.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Simple Country Views

A drive into the countryside is usually relaxing and most often I come back with numerous new photos. Most of the following pictures were taken outside of town, except for the last one. I will explain later

I have a few favourite spots to go to, for two reasons, they have good views and I can be off the road. This is one of those.It is a simple scene, but I think it is pretty.

The yellow flowers up front are called Tansy and here is a close-up view.

Driving down a country road,I saw this spent thistle.I know the flower is gone, but there is still beauty.
As I look at this, I think of people, myself included, as we get older.The flower of your may be gone, but there can still be beauty.

Here is another flower, mostly done.Those purple spikes around the flowerhead, are what got my attention.

This flower was a freebie.By this I mean, that I did not plant it.It grew up from a seed that a bird likely dropped into the flower pot.The flower head was not very large, maybe 6-8 inches in diameter, but it intrigued me,.

Something To Think About:
Let us take a lesson from the flowers.Age doesn't matter, nor does our status in life.We can be beautiful at any age. And like that sunflower, let's bloom where we are planted.