Sunday, January 16, 2022

iPhone Photos

This is the time of year that photo opportunities are few, so I have to get creative to think of something to share. Usually, I share photos captured with my camera, but I decided that there are numerous iPhone photos that I could share. Some of these are not current, but that really doesn't matter.

I have heard it many times and also used it myself, the phrase, " The best camera to use is the one you have with you at the moment."

Well, the iPhone is always with me, so many times it is the best camera to use.

This is frost buildup on my heated birdbath. I know I have shared photos similar to this on Facebook, but I always find these scenes fascinating.

On a cold winter morning as the sun rises in the east, my view is obstructed by trees. This time I used my phone to capture the sunrise through the trees and focused on the pine bough up front.

A shopping trip often yields some photo opportunities. After washing the fruit and allowing it to air dry on the counter, I had to capture the moment.

When I go out with my camera, I make a habit of also getting some shots with my phone.
These frost covered branches against the blue sky sure caught my attention.

Scenes like this take my breath away. They are so beautiful, not because I took them, but because God created such tremendous beauty.

I trust that some of these pictures will inspire you to use that phone and capture the moment.

To God be the Glory!


Monday, January 10, 2022

2021 In Review

Ok, so this is not all that I took pictures of in 2021, but it was a daily challenge. As most of you know, I took one picture from a certain spot on my deck, each day in 2021. The idea was to watch the changes as they happened. At the end of this post is a short video of these pictures.

Since I had all these photos, I decided to make a collage for each month. I chose to use only 24 images per collage, but that is still most of the images for each month. The pictures are cropped to make them square, but you still get the effect of the changes.

This is January.

I did enjoy when I could capture the sunrise as well, but we do have a lot of cloudy days.

Here are the February photos. Notice the snow disappearing and then we got more.

March brings us closer to spring and the sun has noticeably moved further north.I should add that the camera was pointing in a south easterly direction.

April, and the green is beginning to show.

May shows a lot more leaves on the tree. This is a month I really enjoy, as it is usually not too hot, but the cold of winter is gone.

June brings us to the middle of the year. Unfortunately last year was so very dry, that even the leaves on the tree were smaller than usual.

July, brings the heat and last year with the lack of rain also brought brown lawns.

August came and with it the slow winding down of summer.

Looking at these pictures, we must have had a few rains in September. The grass is looking greener.

October means fall is fully upon us. The leaves change color and ever so quickly drop from the trees.

November, and the first snowfall. 

That brings us to the end of the year and December. This was a fun challenge, but I really don't want to do it again, right away.

I end this long post with a link to the video, should you wish to check that out.

Seasons Video 

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Winter Beauty

A few weeks ago, I visited the English Gardens in Winnipeg. I was hoping to catch sight of the Northern Cardinal that has been seen there, but alas, he had other ideas. 

It was a pleasant winter day for a walk through the gardens. The first sight that greeted me was this Red Squirrel. Someone had put some food out for the birds and of course he helped himself. 

The grasses were about the only thing that stood upright in the snow.I happen to like the looks of grass, whether green or dried.

Just to show what a lovely day it was, I got this shot of the blue sky with just a few wisps of cloud.

Back at home, a few days later, I was standing at the window with my camera ready and was able to capture this shot of snow being blown off the branches.

The Blue Jay was sitting in a nearby tree. He looks cold and likely was. This was taken through my kitchen window.

When we are in touch with beauty, we are in touch with the Creator.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Beginnings

After a few weeks of a break from Blogland, I find that I am missing my friends here, so, I'm back. I may not post often, depending on how things go, but you will hear from me from time to time. 

Today's photos are all from a couple of years ago, but they have this in common, they are all taken during the month of January. 

Seeing a Bald Eagle is always a thrill to me. This one was sitting too far away, but I had to try for a photo anyway.

A beautiful sky is one of those things that gets me excited. The clouds add so much beauty to a sunrise or  a sunset.

This tree, or cluster of trees has been photographed many times over the years. It has a beautiful shape and looks good even in winter.

This is a sunset photo and one I am very thankful for. The tree in the foreground has since been cut down. I was sorry to see it go, but I am sure those in authority had good reason to take it down. All I knew was that is was a great photo prop.

Yes, it has been more than cold enough the last while to give scenes like this, even though this was taken a few years ago. There is a stark beauty about a scene like this.

Recently the words to a Gospel song have been on my mind and I think the words of the chorus are fitting to share here and especially at the beginning of a new year.

Something new, something new.

Our God is up to something new,

So go ahead and take your seat, 

He’s gonna move just watch and see.

God is up to something new.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Merry Christmas

May this Christmas be a time of celebrating the love of family and friends, but most of all let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus. He is the reason we can truly celebrate. 

iPhone Photos

This is the time of year that photo opportunities are few, so I have to get creative to think of something to share. Usually, I share photos...