Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Beauty of Snow and Birds

As the last few days of winter wind down,I will share a few more winter images.Yes, I'm waiting for spring and green grass, but winter has a beauty all it's own.

This is at Lake Minniwasta, just west of Morden. I love it when the snow outlines every structure like this.

At home on my yard, a few of the seeds from last fall are still hanging onto the branches.Here they have a pretty snowy cap.

The Black-billed Magpie is known to be very shy, at least around here so I was thrilled to capture this, less than perfect, shot as he took off.

While staying in my kitchen,I can get shots like this.Somehow this Blue Jay does not look impressed. Is it the lady with the camera, or is the snow? I guess we'll never know.

It was a cold day when these images were captured.You can tell that the bird is all fluffed up to try to stay warm. Yes, they do have a constant supply of sunflower seeds and peanuts, so they are well taken care of.

Closing Thought:
We are surrounded by God’s creative power.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dreaming Of Warmer Days

When I look outside,I see a world covered in a thick blanket of snow.This is normal for this time of year and I am very thankful for the moisture this snow will give us.
It is also normal by this time of year to get a little anxious to see signs of spring.
In the outside world I will have to wait for the sun to warm things up and melt the snow so the flowers can once again grow. 
All pictures are taken last year or earlier.

The small, yet so pretty Bleeding Heart is seen in many early summer gardens. I think they are so cute. This was captured at The English Gardens in Winnipeg.

I have fallen in love with Geraniums over the last few years. They seem to grow well for me and bloom almost non-stop from spring till freeze-up.

As most of you already know,I love roses and I love them in all colors, even the simple white ones.
Another flower captured at The English Gardens in Winnipeg.

I turned to an App on my phone to help with identifying this flower.The App called "Picture This" works really well.It tells me it is a Prairie Coneflower. I see these in ditches along the country roads around here.

No question as to what this flower is The beautiful Waterlily is a regal looking flower.The English Gardens in Winnipeg have numerous colos in the Lily pond.

Closing Thought:

Life is full of beautiful things….Soft sunrise, cool winds, pretty flowers, quiet moments, love and laughter and good friends like you.