Sunday, September 16, 2018

Signs of Fall

It is only the middle of September,but all signs point towards fall.
I'm OK with that.Fall brings cooler temperatures,colorful leaves, even if only for a short time.
Warm sweaters and cozy blankets. Yes,I really do enjoy fall.
I even enjoy those chilly, rainy days.

Today we will look at some of the early signs of fall in Southern Manitoba.
These pictures are all taken several weeks ago,so we are much further into the fall scene by now.

Ok,so this may or may not be a sign of fall, but those white clouds in a blue sky are always pretty.

Blooming Goldenrod is a sign that fall is on our doorstep and about to enter. I think this is a lovely flower/weed.

A friends apple tree was loaded with these small, but pretty apples.I'm not sure they are edible, but they sure do look attractive.

Touches of fall color can be seen here and the fields are showing that golden color as well.

Golden fields, freshly harvested and already the straw has been baled.To me this is a simple but lovely scene.

The trees around Lake Minniwasta are certainly showing color.

Looking down,I see a golden leaf amoung the grass.

Another shot of Lake Minniwasta and some yellow leaves.

Purple Asters put on quite a show in fall.

Another Goldenrod,in a later stage of its bloom.

Something To Think About:
Falling leaves are simply summer’s way of saying good-bye.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall Birds Of Manitoba

In my last post, we looked to the heavens, to see the beauty displayed there.Today,we come a little closer to earth, still in the sky, at least for some of the shots.
I have loved birds for a very long time and still do.Sometimes they can be a challenge to photograph, but I keep on trying.

The diminutive Black-capped Chickadee,may be one of the easiest to photograph, at least if you offer some food or water.

The Red-tailed Hawk,on the other hand is usually not very cooperative.Well,this bird proved that to be wrong.He/she was perched on a road sign, just at the edge of the road and I was stopped on the road, across from him. Many shots later,I left with the bird still remaining  on it's perch.

Same bird as the one above, slightly different editing.

As the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were preparing to head south, they came to the feeder regularly.This gave me many chances to get a picture.Of course,I would have loved to see an adult male with the ruby gorget/throat,but had to be content with this one.

I had virtually no Baltimore Orioles in spring, but they sure loved the nectar feeder in early fall.Once again,I had many chances for photos. I will spare you the agony of scrolling through too many pictures and just share one.

Something To Think About:
I’ve never found time spent amongst nature to be a waste of time.