Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dreaming Of Warm Summer Days

Come with me as we find some summer warmth. I do like winter, but I also find that it is a good time to look back at the summer that is past, even as I look forward to the one that is coming. 

An old abandoned railroad track curves gently into the trees and out of sight. Hmm,I wonder what is just around the bend? A careful look will reveal a bird sitting on the right rail, just before the bend.I believe it was a Red-Tailed Hawk. This will have to wait for another day, because today I take you to Lake Minniwasta, located just a mile from my home.

 Green grass and trees in full leaf means that it is summertime. This lake may not be very large, but it does have some beautiful views.

A walk along the trail which goes to the far end of the lake gives some more lovely views over the lake. This is the kind of sky which adds beauty to almost any picture.

A short drive west of the lake, a totally different view can be seen.This was an evening of calm and beauty. That warm light that happens just before sunset, bathes the area in rich color.

The daylight fades as the sun sets in the west.This is yet another location not too far from my home. Each sunset is unique and each one has some special beauty about it.

Closing Thought:

There’s a wonder to life.Pursue it.
Hunt for it.Your goal is not to live long; it’s to live.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Simple Beauty

I continue into this new year with pictures from a warmer season.
Today I will feature a couple of sky scenes and some spring foliage.

I enjoy watching the ever changing sky. It may be grey and overcast, as it is today, or it may have some beautiful clouds as in this picture.

Thunderstorms may be looming on the horizon, but they are as gorgeous as can be.Those massive clouds hold a special attraction to me.I am already anticipating scenes like this which I hope to capture this coming summer.

From the massive thunderheads to the intricate detail of that early spring growth. As the new leaves unfurl, they carry such delicate beauty. The colors are fresh and new.

Hope, expectation and promise, are all wrapped up in these new leaves.

As I noted before, the colors are vibrant and fresh in that new growth. Just looking at these images makes me long for spring and those first signs of new life.

Closing Thought:
Praise God! Praise You, Lord, for the wonder of the earth You created.