Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting Started

Since this is my first post,let me share a little about myself and my family.
My husband,Jake and I have one son who is married to a lovely young lady,who compliments our family well. On January 03,2006 Steve and Anita launched us into the roll of grandparents.
I must say that this has been a most enjoyable new roll.Our precious granddaughter,Kai is the sunshine in every day.
Jake and I spend many hours enjoying one of our favorite hobbies,photography.
It seems that we always find something to photograph.We feel that this is one way we can show the beauty of God's creation.As I post pictures on this site,it is my desire that they will cause you to see nature in a new light.Take time to appreciate what our loving God has so bountifully given to us.

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