Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good-bye Summer

Falling leaves are simply
summers way of saying Good-bye.
By the looks of things around here
summer is bidding us Good-bye in grand style.


  1. I wish I could have come out there a little later to enjoy more of the beautiful prairie fall weather! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You know this picture says it all. It is showing us how the trees prepare themselves for the cold months ahead. And the leaves are its way of feeding the roots that fed the tree all summer. It is also a nice photograph.

  3. Gorgeous picture! We're definitely getting a good show with all the beautiful leaves falling around us. Lovely farewell to summer!

  4. Wow, Autumn has arrived for you. Here in Portland, OR it is just starting. I have a few things turning red in the garden...and the rain has started!

  5. I keep meaning to ask you what brand of monopole do you have for your camera? Mine is a cheap one and it is now so worn that it won't stay up where I set it but begins slipping down.

  6. Ruth, looking at your nature photos is so akin to looking through my view finder. This autumn shot is much like my header. It must be the age and artistic eye. Giving thanks where it is due for the wonders of this world is probably also part of having been around for a while.

  7. Hi Ruth - it looks like you have beautiful fall foliage this year. Wow! I would agree with your thoughts about summer bidding you goodbye in GRAND style. Have you had any frost yet?

  8. Oh my word, you are a fabulous photographer. You capture God's beauty so wonderfully. I'm now looking at that gorgeous tulip on your side bar with the rain drops. Oh my, oh my.

    I scanned your blog and how could I ever pick a favorite. Even the Meadowlark on the sidebar is so precious!

    All of it...really, like I said, I can't say one's better than and goes hand and hand and reflects God's creation so beautifully.


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