Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some Just Because Pictures

'When you see God in the small stuff,
your life becomes more meaningful.'
This House Finch was having a bad hair day.
(Makes me feel better about my hair.)
Here is a favorite of mine from last fall.
My son and grandaughter hand in hand.
An old building nestled among the trees.
Reminder of a summer past.
This was taken a year ago.
Today the last leaves of the Sumac were taken off by the wind.


  1. I love the finch close up! All the pictures are great.

  2. Really nice photos, Ruth. I like the clouds building behind the barn or building as much as the finch's feathers.

  3. I like your 'just because' pictures. Precious!!

  4. Wow! I think I've seen your Sumac picture on a bulletin cover or something like that recently. It's gorgeous!

  5. Those are each one a perfect photo! Thank you! Beauty, humor, majesty,color,'s all there. God is good!

  6. I'll be back to visit, these photos are so nice. Love the finch! And the bottom one, the sumac, wow.

  7. Beautiful post Ruth, the weeping Sumac leaves are a dear delight, but the one that really toutches my heart is your son and granddaughter enjoying togetherneass and the autumn walk.
    God most certainly is good.

  8. Dear Ruth, I was intrigued by the bad hair day post. I'm glad I checked it out - it's comical.


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