Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let It Snow

Our small park.
This was obviously taken in winter and turned into a Black and White.
The same picture in color.
Jake took these early one morning while out for his walk. This is looking down our street during a snow storm. Lots of snow and very little driving for a while.
I took this picture a few miles down the road from Morden.
The small pond attracts quite a few waterfowl.
These Canada Geese are barely visible during a heavy fog.
Praise the Lord,
Give thanks to Lord,
For He is good.
Psalm 106:1


  1. Such beautiful photos, both the black and white and golden
    street light versions are wonderful
    each in their own way.
    The countryside in storm and fog just drawas me right in with homesickness for my northern homeland.

  2. Put the soup on Ruth... I'm on the way!!!!! (Guess I'll have to come in on my horse-drawn sleigh wagon (you know--like Currier and Ives)!!!! ha ha.......... Oh I'm SO jealous!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. You're going to make a snow-lover out of me yet!

  4. That first shoy is beautiful. I like the shadows of the trees on the ground.
    The snow one looks just like here. We're predicted a blizzard for tomorrow.
    Stay warm.

  5. When I read 'Our small park' I thought, how very Jane Austen.

    Wonderful , wonderful pictures.
    No snow here yet. We have not had a white Christmas since I don't know when.

  6. The last two pictures are what I am seeing out my window right now. It is nasty today! I prefer the beauty of the first two pictures.

  7. I like the 1st one (B&W) the best.

  8. The golden photo was my favorite - but all were excellent!

  9. Beautiful pictures of the snow. It makes you feel like staying inside and being cozy.

  10. Love your snow shots...It's so pretty and looks cold!

    It's funny how you find a 'sister' who shares the same interests. Chris Shivers is the one who got me hooked on PBR. I started watching the year after he won the world..& couldn't believe such a little guy could ride like he does. Thank you for your comments on my blog! I will be going to Madison Sq. Garden in January to catch the 2nd PBR event for 09.

  11. A winter wonderland of quiet..that's what these photos remind me of..that crunch of the snow as you walk and the silence of nature at work. Beautiful photos, Ruth! Such a great mood capture!

  12. Oh my, I can relate to all that snow! We got another foot of it yesterday and more in the forecast! Lovely photos Ruth!

  13. Beautiful snowy pictures and wintry scenes! That's a fantastic photo of the pond and Canada Geese! I like your festive looking header, too - very nice.

  14. Beautiful photos and amazing how a change from B&W to color can change the mood! Thank you for sharing your talent and abvious joy of nature.

  15. Those first 2 photos are so interesting....I like both the B&W and the warm golden color. They give different more stark and cold and the other a warm glow from the light. Lovely either way!

  16. These are all gorgeous Ruth. Bravo

  17. Hello again Ruth, Thanks for stopping by earlier. I would love to see some of your cross-stitch. :)

  18. All wonderful pictures and the poor Canada Geese look like they are lost within the fog. The night time photo is just perfect. Have a great day.

  19. These are beautiful! I especially like the geese in the fog. I LOVE fog!


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