Friday, December 12, 2008

Old Slide Scans

Here is a collection of pictures,most of which have been
taken many years ago.Jake has been an avid photographer for many years.
This is a sample of his work.
Top L-R:Common Redpoll,Prairie Crocus,Sunbeams
Center L-R:Bambi,Christmas Bible,Wood Duck
Bottom L-R:Star Trails,Tulips,Spider Web.
The wonders of the universe compel us to worship our wonderful God.
Stop and consider the wondrous works of God. Job 37:14


  1. These are all beautiful. The wood duck was thrilling to see!

  2. Those are all incredible shots! Very talented.

  3. Beautiful way to display your pictures with the open Bible in the middle. They're all beautiful but I really love the spider web. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jake has done a wonderful job! I really like the Wood duck, and the sparrow hanging on that icicle.
    Have a great week-end.\B.

  5. How beautiful Ruth... Your hubby has a true gift. I love all of them (blew them up to look closer)--but my two fav's are the Bible (wow) and the tulips. I LOVE tulips--and can't wait til spring to have some here.

  6. I'm in the process of scanning some of my old slides, but I have nothing as beautiful as these. They are truly works of art.

  7. Ruth, WOW!! These photos are really nice! I can't even begin to choose a favorite. You've got such a wonderful cross section of everything..the wood die for..the bird perched on ice, how neat is that photo and the spider web!! Thanks for sharing these, Ruth and Jake!

  8. Jake is quite a photographer! Isn't it fun to scan these slides into this new medium and see them on the computer - wow! Each of them - beautiful, Ruth!!!

  9. Ruth: What a wonderous showing of his work. He has done so well in capturing nature.

  10. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing

  11. What a neat idea! There's some beautiful pieces here! Very impressive indeed.

  12. Hi Ruth, Your verse for today is a special one for me. It was the last entry on my daughter's blog before her skiing accident. It was the message of her heart.
    Blessings today,

  13. Hi Ruth - lovely...and my Christmas greeting is on my blog.


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