Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Fury

Christmas lights of long ago A house bathed in light More Christmas lights. The above three pictures are from slide scans. All credit goes to my dear husband,Jake. This was taken at about 9:30 this morning. That is not snow,but ice crystals on the poor litle birds head and back.
A Goldfinch also with a crown of ice.
It was and still is very cold. -26 C or -15 F
and strong winds.


  1. I am always in awe how these precious little visitors stay warm given the harsh elements they endure!
    Precious photos of these little angels..thank you!
    BTW..great attention to lights too!

  2. Ruth and Jake,

    Always a joy to visit your blog. SNOW... I have heard of snow! It's a chilly 73 outside here today. I was thinking of going out and grabbing some pictures of the flowers blooming in the yard for some of the flower lovers.

    Happy holidays and peace to you both,

  3. I enjoyed the Christmas lights and felt sorry for the birds. The birds visiting Betsy's feeders looked cold this morning, but at least they didn't have ice on them.

  4. I'm glad the birdies are able to have some food during this cold! Loved seeing the xmas lights!

  5. It must take a lot of energy to keep these little birds from freezing. I was feeling cold in the house today but I cannot complain when I see these pictures!

  6. Don't ya just wonder how those little things stay warm? I guess God knew what he was doing when he made feathers! Great pictures and enjoyed the Christmas lights scans, too!

  7. Oh, I worry so much about the poor creatures when we have such a violent turn in the weather. They look like they're getting some nice food to warm up at your house.

  8. I know why we don't have our pine siskens and goldfinches still have them!!

  9. 15 degrees F brrrrrr...and I have trouble with 30 degrees! Poor little glad you have food out for them. Can't believe these guys actually do survive those horrible cold winds! Enjoyed your scan of the holiday lights!

  10. Those Christmas lights are BEAUTIFUL ! Great job Jake!
    Oh, those poor birds. Good thing your restaurant was open.

  11. Hi Ruth, Thanks for the great pictures of the Christmas lights. Some people go ALL out. We've got a few lights out front, but not much compared to some!

    Love your birds... They look like MY birds--except yours are MUCH colder.

  12. I really enjoy seeing others' Christmas lights. They are so pretty. I've never seen ice crystals on birds before. Now that's cold! But they didn't seem to be bothered by the cold temps and wind. Hardy little birds!


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