Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birds and Blossoms

Today is a bright sunny day in my world,but,
it is also windy and cold.
To add to that I am nursing a head cold and feel yucky.
I could use some warm,bright memories to cheer the day.
All these pictures are taken from Jake's slide scans.
So here for your enjoyment are a few of my favorites.
Daisies and Painted Daisies Goldenrod
A Sunflower seen in fields every year.
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Baltimore Oriole
American Goldfinch on thistles
Tulips in our garden
Great are the works of the Lord. Psalm 111:2


  1. I love the pictures, Ruth. Each one is so beautiful in it's own way. I particularly like the american goldfinch with the thistle. Perfect.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures, Jake and Ruth. I'm sorry you have an ole' cold Ruth.. I had one in October and felt lousy!!!! Take care and drink lots of liquids and get some rest.

  3. Hi Ruth and Jake,
    These are beautiful pictures you have posted today! So sorry you have a cold! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Jake's slides sure made me feel a lot warmer and sunnier. I hope you're feeling better yourself, Ruth.

  5. God gives us so many gifts every day, there is always beauty around us.

  6. Lovely warm pictures again. I really like the Baltimore Oriole. I have put out many oranges, but have never attracted one to my yard.

  7. Seeing that lovely goldfinch perched on the thistle is making me wish for a shorter winter! Loved all these photos!

  8. Ruth,
    It must be the season..both hubby and I are nursing sore throats and yukky hope you are feeling better today..absolutely love your nice to see some vivid colors, summer birds and sunshine all in one photo!! Keep warm.

  9. How good of you to cheer us all up with sunny photos! The warbler and the oriole are both stunning! I have never seen an oriole and have them on my "most want to see" list. Coincidence: my Bible study post today was from Psalm 111, also! God is good and his works are indeed great!

  10. Just wonderful, Ruth! Jake is one talented photographer and apparently has been for years! That Chestnut-sided warbler just blows me away! Hope you are feeling better soon! Really enjoyed this colorful post after such drab birding days for me...

  11. Those are all lovely photos. I particularly like the goldfinch too. I can' t wait for summer when it is comfortable to be outside with a camera.

  12. Thanks for brightening my day with these beautiful photos.

  13. Ruth: Those are beautiful photos of the birds and the flowers, nicely done.

  14. Beautiful photos, He has given us so much beauty to enjoy! Can't wait until spring.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun
    Leedra’s Greeting Cards
    Photography By Leedra

  15. Wonderful reminder of what new beginnings are just around the the winter sky!
    Nature is so uplifting!

    Ruth thank you for caring and standing by with your compassion and prayers during these past few weeks.
    I am grateful beyond words. hugs aNNa

  16. Thanks - those beautiful flowers and birds brightened my day (my birthday, as a matter of fact!). It's snowing here, so I'll be staying in - I don't "do" snow!

  17. First visit to your blog and what a shot of sunshine on a cold winter's day. Just beautiful. I too use my blog as a nature journal...Michelle.

  18. Lovely shots and the birds are as bright and pretty as the flowers. Great are the works of the Lord indeed! And you're capturing them beautifully! :-)

  19. Your photos are stunning and you and your husband are doing a wonderful job with your blog.

  20. Gosh these are just GORGEOUS! That warbler is stunning!!


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