Thursday, January 15, 2009

Come Fly With Us

Today I am taking you on a scenic ride over our area.
O.K. it's not me on this thing,let me explain.
Several years ago Jake had the opportunity to take a ride with
a power chute.This is a large parachute with an engine
and two seats attached to it.I am told they are very safe
but will choose to let others ride.
The above picture is of our golf course in Morden.
This is a scenic area and draws many golfers each year. Here we see a mobile home park,called Dunsten Village.
As you can see this flight was taken in fall.
This shows the area west of our lake.
Jake and I like to go to this area often and have many good photo opportunities here.
An overhead view of Lake Minniwasta.
This lake supplies the town with all it's water.
It also has a beach and campground.
Here we see a large feedlot just north of Morden.
Lots of steaks on the hoof.
A quick flight over the highway between two towns,Morden and Winkler.
Another view of Morden,the area to the right with all the trees
is Morden's Agriculture Research Station ,known for
developing several hardy roses.
The Parkland series of roses were developed here.
I hope you enjoyed this short tour around the area.
Morden is not very large,but it is a beautiful place to live,
lots of trees and friendly people.


  1. Thank You Ruth for the great tour. Your town and the area around there is gorgeous... Think I'll ever make it to Canada???? I hope so.

  2. Beautiful views from high above! Looks like a lovely place!

  3. Thank you, Ruth (and Jake), for the great views of your area.

  4. There's nothing like seeing things from the air to get a good perspective. Thanks for showing us some of what your town looks like. Doesn't look quite as cold as it is right now, does it.

  5. Wow, what a tour. Thanks so much. These are beautiful and so interesting pictures. You can see so much more from the air.
    Have a good rest of the week.

  6. Beautiful aerial photos. I went in a small plane with my brother once above our region and it was great seeing the bird's eye view.

  7. Jake and Ruth,

    Jake your photography of flowers and birds is beautiful - my favorite is Spring Tulip as a promise of the future bloom with dew upon it.

    Ruth, since you cross stitch, I would be honored if you visited my web site at:

    I design cross stitch charts featuring Bible verses. There is a new free chart called His Name is Jesus that has blessed many.


  8. My hubby used to fly and when we would take small trips in the little 2 seater plane - I remember thinking how the earth looked like a beautiful quilt with farm fields and trees and bodies of water - wow! Thanks for the scenic ride over your area!

  9. What a beautiful place. I'd love to have areal views of my farm.

  10. Wow..these are wonderful and such a different view! Brave Jake! Looks like it would have been fun and a photographer's dream come true!

  11. Ruth, these are beautiful views of where you much open nice. Love Canada..spent many summers with the family vacationing in Canada!! Thanks for the tour..but probably just like you would not have gone on this jake did tho!

  12. Beautiful 'bird's-eye' view of your area!! What a neat and fun way to see the countryside!

  13. Ruth and Jake - thank you for the aerial tour. That was fun to see the birds' eye view of Morden. Have a blessed weekend.

  14. These are beautiful, amazing photos. How wonderful it must have been to be the one taking them. However, I probably would have stayed on the ground with you.

  15. Looks like you have some great birding spots there Ruth. Thanks for sharing those photos.

  16. What a way to see the countryside! Talk about a birds eye view, Beautiful!

  17. Ruth: Beautiful views of the town, very nicely shown and described.
    This would have been a great My World post.


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