Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunshine and Wind

Today is an incredibly windy day.The sun is shining,
temperatures are above freezing,but the winds are howling.
These wind turbines are located a few miles west of Morden,
and I wonder how they are doing in this wind.

The following pictures are here just to brighten your day and mine.
Hope you enjoy them
Great are the works of the Lord.Psalm 111:2


  1. Wow Ruth... Your blog site is gorgeous. Looks like Valentines Day is coming!!!!! I love it!!!! The header is wonderful --and your messages are always so inspiring.

    Did you do the BIG print just for me???? YEAH!!!! Thanks..

  2. Ruth I love your new look and it is just in time for Valentines Day.

  3. Love the daisy especially. Just wanted to stop in and thank you for all of the encouragement that you have shown to me. I really appreciate it a lot. I know I have been bad about posting comments lately and am trying to remedy that. Keep up the good work. Thanks and many hugs, Christy

  4. I love the flowers and can hardly wait to see them blooming again.
    Out of curiosity was there any opposition to the wind turbines when they were announced?

  5. Ruth, I'd like to see more wind turbine activity here in Wyoming, I think we usually have some wind. I love your flowers, even the ones on the side bar. Thanks for the breath of spring.

  6. Great minds think alike! I took a little trip up the mountain today and got pictures of our turbines. Haven't posted yet. They fascinate me..and I'm blown away by the size when you get up close to them. I love the daisy!! very pretty!

  7. And brighten my day they did! How beautiful! I'd also welcome a wind turbine in my back yard. It's always windy here.
    Your new header is just gorgeous Ruth.

  8. Ruth,
    and brighten my day you did! I like your new look! Just the color for these drab, wind chilling days. We also were above freezing today..and again tomorrow, right before the next storm blows into town. Thanks for the lovely flower pictures..always sooo nice! Hope you are staying warm ..

  9. A nice and refreshing look to your blog. Very well done. A beautiful post.


  10. Absolutely gorgeous, Ruth! Really love those floral close-ups!!! Especially that daisy - it would look so great with a nice quote on the right - wow! A greeting card!

  11. Ruth: Wonderful flower captures for this snowy time.

  12. How beautiful as well as clever with the similarity in all the shapes! Very nice post! I can't look at too many flowers or summery things right makes me forget what is actually out there.

  13. Really like the daisy at the end. It is interesting the way it is just partly there.

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