Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today I am choosing to show a few more winter scenes.
Jake and I saw this scene in a small hamlet west of Morden.
The sun was fairly low in the sky,that time of day when all looks golden.
The golden light of sunset made this old barn look lovely.
Living on the prairies we have a lot of wind,
this day was no exception. Another shot,this time I raised the lens to see more of the area.

The last scene was taken through our bedroom window.

One morning as I was having my devotions,I looked up

and this was the picture I saw.

I just loved the way the sun was illuminating the evergreens.

I deliberately took the picture to show just how I saw it,window casing and roof included.

God's mighty hand can be felt every minute,
For there is nothing on earth that God isn't in it.
All pictures were taken by Ruth


  1. So beautiful, I really love you winter scenes. Lovely.

  2. Dear Ruth, I can truly tell you love where you are in this world, thank you for the beautiful photos.

  3. I love how the light shone on the barn too - almost like god put a spotlight on it! All wonderful!

  4. All the pictures are good, but I really like the old barn!

  5. Absolutely beautiful Ruth. Even that wind swept snow has beauty, but I'm ready for Spring!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I like the barn scene!

  7. Great pictures, Ruth.. I love the evergreens --and I also love the colors in the barn one. WOW!!!!

  8. Ruth, such snowy winter scenes.. I always think that the cool colors look more intense on winter days..and the light on the barn was quite nice.

  9. I love the golden tones in the first three pictures. All the photos are beautiful.

  10. I don't think I realized what a prairie you live on and the wide open spaces. Lovely shots!

  11. lovely set of recent photos Ruth


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