Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Birds

Yesterday Jake and I were invited to the home of some
of our friends,to do bird photography.
Upon arriving at their home we were ushered into a cozy room,
complete with a wood burning stove.Comfy!
This room was designed for bird watching.
The room had large windows on three sides and feeders
hung close to most windows.
A backdrop of evergreens created the perfect setting for photography.
Here are a few of the pictures taken in this lovely setting.
The first five were done by Jake and the last two by Ruth
The main feeder is unique,making use of an old bowl. Some old willow chairs were readily used by the birds for a waiting area.
A beautiful American Goldfinch,posing just right.
This Common Redpoll was waiting his turn at the seeds.
Always a good photo subject,the Black-capped Chickadee.
The only thing between me and the Goldfinch is a pane of glass.
Another Chickadee willing to pose for me.
Great are the works of the Lord. Pslam:111:2


  1. Beautiful pictures Ruth and Jake!
    We all wish we had a room like that- it sounds wonderful.

  2. Very nice Jake and Ruth! Beautiful birds.


  3. Both of you got some beautiful pictures. How nice to be able to get those great pictures from a room with a wood-burning stove! I'm envious.

  4. That looks like a perfect bird watching location. Birds are certainly more photographic when they are on evergreens rather than bird feeders.

  5. What a wonderful sounding room for photographing birds! All the pictures are very nice!

  6. Your friends have such a nice setting for birdwatching! Lovely photos!

  7. What a nice outing you had with your birdwatching friends! And you got some neat shots - I love the redpoll -I don't get to see them at my feeders and I like how you got the top of his head!

  8. Your bird photos are great! Indeed, great are the works of the Lord!

  9. These are wonderful! I love that Redpoll...I never see those.

  10. Great pictures. That bird blind you were using sure beats my garage.

  11. Ruth and Jake---GREAT pictures of the winter birds. Our set-up is similar to your friend's home. We can sit and watch our birds on the deck right outside!!!!

  12. Dear Ruth, How breathtaking to be right there and really get such wonderful pictures. Thanks for the great pictures.

  13. You always have such amazing bird photos! A treat to see these amazing little guys!

  14. Very cool room your friends built. Glad they invited you to take some pics and then share them with us!

  15. What an excellant group of birds you have here Ruth. It must have been an exciting day.

  16. How nice to have friends that share your passion 'bird watching' and such a comfortable setting to watch from. I loved all the photos. The evergreens make such a beautiful back-drop for the finch, the redpoll and the chickadee. Nicely done Ruth & Jake!

  17. oh Ruth, Lovely pictures and I would love to add a room to my house just to observe the wonderful!

  18. They are all great - I love the redpoll

  19. Ruth: Those were some neat captures of the birds. It is nice when you have good viewing angles.

  20. We have plenty of Redpolls around here but I have not seen any at my feeders. You managed to get excellent pictures.

  21. Hi....
    Nice shot...... thanks for sharing.....

  22. Id like to have a bird observation room in my house. I love your redpoll!

    Hope you are feeling better.


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