Friday, February 20, 2009

Memories of 1997

The weather forcaster has been talking about spring flooding recently,
so I have decided to show some scenes from April of 1997.
This was also the year that Manitoba had the flood of the century.
All photos were done by Jake before the digital camera.
The scene above is looking west of our yard along the street. Another photo along the same street. No vehicles other than snowmobiles were able to get around for awhile. This storm started on April 4 and kept on for three days. The Jeep belongs to our son. He had gone out the day of the storm and could not get onto the yard. His Jeep stayed on the street for several days. This picture and the previuos one are looking south down our street. A plow had gone through by this time.
Jake went across the street and took a picture of our house and yard.
Somewhere under all that snow is our car.
Another picture of the Jeep,this time looking towards the north.
Here we are in a newer residential area.
A shot to show the hieght of the snow banks.
This was the scene everywhere.
This was snow that had just drifted in this way.
We saw at some places where people walked onto the roof of the house
from on top of a snow bank.
The scenes all looked much the same.Snow and lots of it.
Streets were narrow paths cut through the snow.
Again just to show the size of the drifts.
On this picture you can see Jake's shadow as he is taking pictures.
This is a storm no one in this area will forget.
I was going to wait until April to post this,
but decided that by that time I didn;t want to think about snow anymore.
Take time to enjoy God's created world.


  1. Dear Ruth, Thanks for the great pictures. They sure do show how deep the snow was everywhere. Those late winter storms are usually particularly nasty. Usually right around Easter.

  2. I vividly remember snowstorms like this in the 50s and the big blizzard of 1966 in Winnipeg! The whole city was immobilized! At the Children's Hospital, where I worked, the next shift couldn't come in. Even us, the office staff, had to do whatever it took to help. Oh what memories and adventures!

    BTW Our kids just moved back to Alberta after teaching a year in the Plum Coulee area!

  3. Wonderful captures of your canyons of snow.
    I remember a winter like that in the early 40's, when we awoke to darkness with snow coveing doors and windows and we had to dig ourseles out like moles, well before snowplows in northern European towns.

  4. I remember winters like that here and they still do occur in the Rockies... that's why each winter I always stock up on foods and medicines etc... just in case!!

    Great post!! Amazing photos!


  5. Now THAT is SOME snow! I'll bet it took some time to dig out for good.

  6. Oh Ruth, I don't want to see this much snow anywhere. You sure did get your share that year!! I think we are all ready for that spring that is right around some corner!! Come on March!!

  7. Unbelievable depths of snow. I promise not to complain about our few inches again! You sure would have to be on top of things to have everything you need at times like those. Not like here..if they say snow storm (3-6inches of snow) all the bread milk and water is gone at the store. Very interesting post with stunning photos. Have a good week end Ruth.

  8. Hi Ruth,
    Great shots of all that snow. I guess we are safe from that down here in the deep South;-)

  9. Wow! What a blizzard! It's been many years since we got hit hard and it can be many more for all I care but your storm did make for some amazing photos!

  10. Ruth: I promise never to say we had a lot of snow this year again. That snow is way too much.

  11. Wow... That is some deep snow! My husband would have loved it. He just loves the snow and winter. I like it too but not as much as he does. He's up in northern Michigan snowmobiling this weekend. When he gets home I'm going to show him these photos.

    I sure do enjoy you stopping by my blog and all your kind comments!

  12. Was that flood over 10 years ago? Where does time go? We have some pictures of snow piled up so high my husband could touch the eaves of the roof, but there was not as much snow as your photos show here!

  13. Oh My Goodness, Ruth... I cannot imagine that much snow at any one time. It's no wonder there was flooding when that stuff melted... Mercy me---that's just unbelievable... Glad it doesn't happen too often.

    We have new computers--and have spent most of today getting them all set up. It will probably take another day or two. BUT-they are WONDERFUL--and faster than lightning.

    Have a great Sunday.

  14. Amazing shots Jake. We have had some like that here too. I have some pictures of our then conversion van nearly buried in our driveway. The local TV station did a story on our area. Lets hope we don't get one of those too often.
    To date we have had 216" of snow. I'm so ready for it to leave!.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week-end.

  15. You certainly got a lot of snow that year -- I think even Betsy would say enough is enough. I hope snow is only a memory by April!

  16. Now that's a snowstorm! Wow! neat to see these photos and see how high the snowbanks were.

  17. wowzers ! Looks like what they had just dump all over the UK where my family is.

  18. Wow! Now that certainly is some serious SNOW!!! I remember a similar snow here in PA - I think maybe '93? We had 16 snow days!!! And the snow was up over my deck!
    Very neat pictures - and memories!

  19. Wow...that was a really deep snowfall! I can't imagine trying to get anywhere in that.

  20. Tennessee's blizzard was 1993, late in March. Everybody refers to it all the time as the Blizzard of 93. We had just as much snow in 1996, but it was in January.

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