Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

'D' birds are not as numerous as some others.
Never-the-less they are special in many ways.
The first one I am choosing to show is a bird seen in our
area year round.The Downy Woodpecker is quite an attractive bird.
The first picture(taken by Ruth)is just outside my kitchen window.
All the remaining pictures are done by Jake
Here the male Downy identified by his red cap is at the suet.
In this picture his back shows up well and it almost looks downy. Love them or not,the Double-crested Cormorant is present on our local waters.
I personally am not a great fan of this bird,but they do have their place in nature as well.
The last picture is one we think is very special.
The Dickcissal is not common in our area.
Jake found this one just south of Morden a few years ago.
We have only seen it that one year,but keep on hoping it will return.
He almost looks like a small version of the Meadowlark.
I hope you enjoyed our 'D' birds as much as we do.
Take time to enjoy God's created world.


  1. Very nice Ruth. I love your ABC wednesday's!

    Poor Cormorants... :(


  2. Hi Ruth,
    I enjoyed this post and all your birds are beautiful!! They are birds that I don't see here in the South.

  3. Well Ruth, I learn something everyday!!! I have never heard of a Dickcissal.. What a gorgeous bird.

    Thanks for your "D" birds.. We have the Downy's and that's about it for us.


  4. I have never seen a dickcissal here on P.E.I.but the we do have the other birds you photographed.
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.
    Take care,

  5. I am just marveling over the sweetness of that Downy in your photo! All great!

  6. Keeping with the D - Delightful!! Your first Downy pict is just so cute. We do not have DC Cormorants here but I have seen them other places and like them alot! The Dickcissal is a bird I saw for the first time in Central Park last year. They are pretty little birds and Jake's capture is great!

  7. Great shots, beautiful birds. Helen

  8. Downy woodpeckers are the sweetest of the bunch, I do declare! Just darling! I really enjoyed the Dickcissal as well!

  9. I like Cormorants and think they have been given a bad rap by fishermen. That Dickcissel is a beautiful bird! I have never seen one.

  10. I've never seen the Dickcissal or the Cormorant. Good images of them both, and don't you just love those Downeys? We had babies come to the feeders last summer. What a cool sight.

  11. I did enjoy your D birds. Great pictures of the Downy woodpeckers and thanks for the explaining the last one (Dickessal?) I don't know much about the Cormorants but I always thought they almost look like snakes. Great pictures from both of you.

  12. Ruth: Neat photos of the D birds, I love woodpeckers and have fun on the lake with the cormorant.
    I'm learning a lot about sparrows through blogging and used to just think they were al the same. What a neat bird in yellow.

  13. I love that Dickcissel. There have only ever been a handful of sightings of those here in Saskatchewan

  14. I'm so glad you're showing birds as you go through the alphabet. I'm learning a lot!

  15. I am really enjoying this ABC series and look forward to following along! I have never seen a Dickcissal so it was especially great to see your/Jake's wonderful photo of one.


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