Thursday, February 5, 2009

Think On Such Things

In browsing through our pictures,this Goldfinch caught my eye.
Jake took this recently at a friends house.
The next two pictures were ones I took last summer.
This last picture needs a little explanation.
Our church picks a verse for the year,this is the one for 2009.
It is posted in large letters in the front of the church.
I took a photo of mine and added the verse the way it is posted in church.
Take time to enjoy God's created world.


  1. Hi Ruth, Hope you have had a great day. I love the Goldfinch--but tonight, I especially like those lilies. I cannot wait 'til spring--when our spring flowers bloom!!!!!

    Your church's verse for 2009 is WONDERFUL...


  2. beautiful photos Ruth and Jake. I love that Lilly, and your verse is special.

  3. The finch is such a bird of cheer! And I love the lilley as well as today's verse!

  4. I really like the pictures of the lily. I'm going to have to work on my skills when it comes to photographing flowers.
    I also like the way you displayed the verse.

  5. That is one of the verses that's so beautiful. Great idea to post it in front of the church and be reminded to think on these things. The lily is beautiful, great shots, of course the goldfinch is so sweet. Great pictures.

  6. Ruth: What neat photos and the verse and photo were very special. I love to see lilies in bloom.

  7. Hi Ruth, you changed your header. It makes me long for summer and my own roses.

    Love the photos. The color on the lily is beautiful.

  8. Great pictures of God's creation! I loved seeing the flowers!

  9. What a cute Goldfinch, and beautiful flowers. I have to renew my mind with that verse frequently. You framed it well. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. The gold finch is lovely and the flowers as well! LOVE the verse and your pic with it!!

  11. The goldfinch are turning more and more yellow - very nice picture! And if everyone followed the advice of that Bible verse - the world would have no need for psychology and depression drugs!

  12. You have wonderful creativity Ruth! Excellent piece of art!

  13. I've always liked that verse. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all spent more time thinking on such things rather then all the unworthy things we are bombarded with every day? Your photos are perfect for the thoughts.


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