Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Scenes by Jake

I am so proud of the photography skills which my husband has,
therefore I am choosing to share more of his older work.
Many of these pictures may well go back before I was part of his life.
I do not know exactly where these were all taken ,
but it would be in southern Manitoba. The elevators behind a Canola field is so typical of Manitoba.
Dramatic clouds are seen all over the world,
these are in our part of the world.
I know that this is a pasture south west of Morden.
I like how Jake framed the picture with the foreground flowers.
I must say that I have a great personal photography teacher.
By now I have two great teachers as our son does spectacular work in the field
of portraits and weddings,as well as nature photos.
It took many years but this photo bug finally bit me as well,
and I'm so glad it did.With the teachers I have I too can learn to take some decent pictures. The earth is the Lord's,and everything in it.
Psalm 24:1


  1. Ruth: You should add a Sky Watch Friday link and join the group with these great sky shots. Jake did a neat job on them.

  2. Beautiful Manitoba!! Gorgeous shots!

  3. The photos are beautiful! I too, favor the one with the flowers in the foreground, and the horses in the background. Very nice composition. And thanks for sharing!

  4. How wonderful that your whole family enjoys photography! My husband is just starting to get the bug too! I loved all of today's photos - and especially liked those dramatic clouds!

  5. It's double the fun when someone shares your hobby of photography!! The horse picture is it.

  6. Ruth, Always beautiful pictures, very interesting to see the canola, and I love the sky pictures. It's nice that you all enjoy a pasttime like that. It gives you a lot more to talk about.

  7. Jake has been a very gifted photographer for a very long time! It is fun to see these pictures and I wonder how they ever turned out so beautiful with 35mm - I remember throwing away sooo many more than I ever could keep! Of course I always shot 'auto' in those days so what did I expect, right?

  8. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

  9. These are beautiful photos! I am longing for spring to arrive even more now after seeing them!

  10. Jake takes wonderful photos and so do you! You both provide us with a great window on God's beauty.

  11. You both take such wonderful pictures. I always love seeing anything you post.
    Have a super week-end.

  12. Well Ruth, I think you deserve an A+ on the photos you have shared with us..I guess it is b/c you have such good teachers!
    Jake's photos are very nice and I love that he has such an array of subject matter! I love them all and can't really pick a fav.
    I think it is great that your whole family enjoys this art!!

  13. Stunning captures! Beautiful & inspiring site you have Ruth!
    I have enjoyed my first visit!

  14. These are all very nice photographs, Ruth. I just noticed how different the Western Meadowlark is from our Eastern variety. That is a nice photo too.

    I just brought my Coopers Hawk blog back. Blogger had saved the name for me. I have hundreds of photos yet to publish. If you are interested in hawks you are welcome to have a look.

  15. Beautiful photos indeed!
    You two are both very talented and it is always a joy to come and see the treasures of your talents!

    Mountain Retreat Photos

  16. Beautiful shots. Lovely locations to photograph and visit.

  17. All of these pictures are wonderful, but I especially like the two cloud pictures. I hope you'll share more of Jake's earlier work as you get the opportunity.

  18. Ruth, it seems that digital photography is just as contagious as birding! ;o) My daughter is the better photographer, and I am learning from her. And now I've got her hooked on birding, although she seems to retain habitat info and ID details much better than I. (sigh). Anyway, it's certainly nice to have been bitten by both bugs. What a wonderful way to share God's blessings.

  19. Gorgeous Ruth... I love all of them --especially the sky. Looks like heaven is right up there above the clouds. NEAT!!!

    We are home from Arkansas --and had a great trip other than the crazy weather. We had an ICE storm --and lots of rain and thunder storms. BUT--we still had a great time. Because of the rain, there was alot more water in the waterfalls. You know how much we loved that.

    Hope you two have had a great week.

  20. The cloud photos are just glorious! Beautiful.


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