Monday, March 9, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

As I was thinking about this weeks post,I knew which bird had to be first.
The first two pictures are taken by Jake last summer.
This is the Golden-winged Warbler.
This little bird has shown signs of decline and is being watched very carefully.
When Jake saw this bird foraging along the creek in our park he knew it was special.
The pictures are not the best poses,but because the bird is somewhat rare
they are very special to us.
Below,anther photo by Jake of the Green-winged Teal. I think this is the only time we have seen a Green-winged Teal in our area. The picture was taken many years ago,using slide film. A Great-crested Flycatcher posed for Jake last summer. This one was in Winnipeg,Manitoba
I was fortunate to be able to capture this picture of a Gray Catbird.
He was heading towards the raisins,put out for the Robins.
Last fall I had the pleasure of photographing this Great Egret,
just down the road from our home.
The Great Blue Heron struck a nice pose for Jake.
Photographing the Golden-crowned Kinglet is not easy.
I felt fortunate to get this picture,which is not great.
These little guys seldom sit still very long.
While in Winnipeg last year we walked through the park and found this baby Great-horned Owl. He did not seem to mind that I wanted his picture.
On another occasion I was able to get pictures of an adult Great-horned Owl.
This was also in the park in Winnipeg.
The earth is the Lord's and everything in it.
Psalm 24:1


  1. Absolutely gorgeous shots! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Wonderful bird pics, Ruth. I'm amazed that you know so many by name. I look forward to your bird ABC's. God bless

  3. You went all out again for "G". Everyone in the blogosphere will hear is I ever see an owl in a tree. They are so big, yet I have only seen a Snowy Owl (they don't hide) Great pictures. You have seen a lot of birds.

  4. These G's are the best yet! All of the photos are just beautiful.

  5. You captured some very special birds here! I especially loved the lighter phase great horned owl.

  6. These are all wonderful, but the baby great horned owl is really amazing!

  7. Ruth: You and Jake have some neat birds come through your area of Canada. Thanks for sharing the neat shots.

  8. I've never seen that warbler...very pretty. I think all warblers are pretty and wish I saw more of them! Love the owl shots! Such a good variety of G's!

  9. I am doing my best to get the screech owls back. I put up a nest box that they might use or maybe use it as a cheap motel. Anyway, I have not seen the pair in a couple of years but I have heard hoot owls in the summer. Calling to each other.

    I like your collection of photographs. I am in awe of the birds you got that we don't got. LOL I wish. Since all that I have are those that fly into my backyard I have to take what comes along.

    Have a good day.

  10. Your photos are wonderful and thank you for sharing them with us. Love it!

  11. Ruth beautiful photos of the birds..several I've never seen! How nice is that to go birding w/your DH..Love the pleasant header today!!

  12. Now that sure is a 'gaggle' of bird photographs. I loved it. I have to say my favorite was the last one of the adult owl, but also enjoyed the Golden winged Warbler as I've never seen one.Very nice assortment!!

  13. Gosh,,,I'm speechless. What a lovely array of bird pictures!! It's so nice that you both love to capture these awesome birds.
    I love that baby horned owl..and the adult's coloring and wink is great!
    Suck keepers, I am so glad you decided to share these prizes with us!

  14. OH my Ruth! Every picture just beautiful!!! I love the golden winged warbler - haven't seen one yet! Also that baby GHO - so super neat! I hope to see one soon - love this post!

  15. You have such a fabulous array of birds... I don't usually photograph birds as I would not know how. You make it look so easy but I know it is not! These are beautiful!
    Mountain Retreat Photos

  16. Perfect pictures! Some of these birds I've never seen. That Teal is absolutely gorgeous!Thanks so much for letting us share with you.

  17. Great photos! I wish I had such a variety of birds to photograph. Usually I just have a couple of cardinals and a few finches at my bird feeder.

    I really love the photos of the owls. They are around my neighborhood because I can hear them but I can never see them.

  18. I'm glad I was able to catch up on your bird alphabet. You and Jake got some great 'G' pictures.

  19. Wonder feast of bird photographs, well done!


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