Monday, March 23, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

On this first week of spring we have arrived at the letter 'I'.
Unfortunately we have only one bird whose name begins with I.
Now having said that,I think that this bird is quite able to stand on it's own.
The Indigo Bunting is an amazing bird.
This first picture was taken in 2008 in Winnipeg,Manitoba.
While we were walking through a park we noticed this
Indigo Bunting sitting in a small tree.It allowed us to walk around and photograph to our hearts content.
Below is an image also from last summer.We were able to capture this photo
as the little fellow was having a bath in our water feature.
Another shot taken ,perhaps two years ago.
Here you can see the Bunting at our window feeder. The last two images are taken at least 17 years ago. These were on our yard out in the country. For me this was my first look at an Indigo Bunting, it was amazing.The blue of it's feathers lights up when the light hits it just right.
All of today's pictures were done by my dear hubby,Jake
The earth is the Lord's ,and everything in it.
Psalm 24:1


  1. This has got to be one of the most beautiful birds. What super shots you have of it.

  2. I had no idea that there were such gorgeous birds in Manitoba!! I must not have been very observant! This delights my heart. What a beautiful shot!

  3. Yes the Indigo Bunting does stand out alone. He is so gorgeous when the sun hits him just right. Jake captured him so well.

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  4. I never saw an Indigo Bunting but I'd love to. What a beautiful bird. It's hard to imagine such beauty.

  5. Oh what a gorgeous bird. I've never seen an Indigo Bunting--but I surely would love to see one!!!! Can I come visit?????


  6. I love the intense blue of the Indigo Bunting! I look forward to their return each year. These are great shots of it.

  7. I love the Indigo Buntings and so hope we have some this year. Last year, I saw one maybe once or twice, but the year before, I had three and four males/females at a time at the feeders. :c)

  8. Such a beautiful unique bird! Your photos do him justice!!

  9. Beautiful bird. I wish I had them here to photograph but I don't. LOL

  10. I saw my first I. Bunting last year and what a lovely blue they are. You have such a store of great photos!

  11. The indigos are truly one of the most beautiful backyard birds. For a bird so boldly colored you wouldn't think they would be so shy.

    Your shots are gorgeous and I love the ABC's.

  12. Oh Ruth and Jake....The Indigo Bunting is so beautiful. You certainly got some great photos of him! I have never seen one of those, Thank you for sharing.

  13. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful bird. I don't think I've seen a bird with such a vibrant shade of blue. Thanks for sharing the Indigo Bunting with us.

  14. I love the Indigo Bunting and your picture of the one having a bath was my favorite. They are beautiful birds. Great job Ruth & Jake! These birds are Indescribable!!

  15. I have seen only one of these in recent years. Last year one flew by, stopped a moment just to tantalize me knowing my camera was just out of reach, and then flew on. They are just the most incredible colour of blue!

  16. The color is amazing... I would be thrilled to see this fella hopping around on my branches!
    What wonderful images!!
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  17. Oh how we love the Indigo Bunting and you sure put up some gorgeous shots of a coveted bird!

  18. Truly a beautiful blue bird! First time I've seen one!A blessing from Mother Nature for sure!

  19. I got some pictures of Bunting, but then when I processed them, I had back light. Oh well may be next time. These are very nice colorful birds, and you got some nice images. Anna :)


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