Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Day Continued

Here are a few more pictures using our Canon 100-400mm lenses.
Yes,Jake got one as well,this way we won't have to share.
This Common Redpoll is taken on our yard. Above a Sharp-shinned Hawk which I was able to photograph in Winnipeg.
A dried flower head I liked.
The Pine Siskin is also on our yard.
This is Jake's picture.
Yes,we are having a lot of fun with the new equipment.
God's laughter is heard in the song of birds.


  1. That's so neat that you both have matching lenses! Love the Siskin and Redpoll.

  2. Great that you don't have to share. My hubby does not use the camera very often, he just points out what I should be photographing. Which helps to have 4 eyes scoping it all out.

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  3. George and I are BOTH jealous of those neat lens... WOW---you'll be able to get the best pictures of all now....

    Keep those gorgeous shots a-coming!!!!


  4. You are obviously having so much fun with your new lenses and capturing some wonderful shots... very nice!


  5. That's a good lens, and you've got some good photos there. I might have to consider purchasing another one of those lenses.

  6. I love those redpolls....I never see them here and they are so pretty. Great hawk shot! The flowerhead and the Pine Siskin are so sharp and clear....great lens and you guys are going to give us terrific photos with them!

  7. Love the Pine Siskin and your new veru bright spring header.

  8. I'm glad both of you got new lenses. Now you'll be able to share even more great pictures with us. These are all wonderful.

  9. Ruth: Beautiful photos, have a lot of fun with the birds and your new lens.

  10. The pictures are just so crisp and clear they almost look three dimensional. Thanks for sharing.

  11. As you can see from all of the comments there is a large dedicated group of Canon 100-400mm IS users out here. I'm glad to see you are happy with your lenses and I don't expect that you will ever regret the purchase.

    Both shots in the previous post are superb as will as this outstanding shot of the siskin.
    Excellent work Jake & Ruth!

  12. I love those little Redpolls. They used to come here years ago, but no more. You're getting great pictures! You must love those new lenses..

  13. That redpoll is so darling - the sharpie is really a cool shot - and I like the dried flower head too! You make the pine siskin quite lovely!

  14. Ruth, I'm glad you mentioned the raisins. We get some awfully hungry robins around here and now I can feed them, too.


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