Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

This weeks letter 'K' is represented by the Killdeer
In spring we look for the arrival of the Killdeer,
often first heard before they are seen.
Their killdee,killdee,killdee is a sound easily recognized.
Below is a picture of their well camouflaged nest.
In this picture you can see two little babies in the nest.
With their cryptic coloring they would be easy to miss.

A closer view of the babies.

Once these little guys get their legs going they can move pretty fast.

This is a scene often observed around a nesting area.
The parent will put on quite an elaborate display of a broken wing.
This is intended to lead to intruder away from the nest.
Below an in flight picture. And finally just striking a pose for the photographer.
All pictures are courtesy of Jake.
Some of these were taken years ago using slide film.
God's laughter is heard in the song of birds.


  1. That was really neat - I have seen the eggs in stones like that before but NEVER the babies! How sweet they look - and I read that they can walk and run almost as soon as they are OUT! Love the pictures and thanks to Jake!

  2. These are amazing picures. I came across a Kildeer nest a couple of years ago, but I just saw 4 eggs and never saw them hatched. It seems so dangerous to have the nest on the ground like that. The flight picture is particularly excellent.

  3. Oh Ruth---I want to see a Kildeer... Think I ever will???? I'm not sure they are in our area at all. They are such gorgeous birds. I love your pictures --and those nests are interesting... Cute little ones...

    Thanks for the K-birds!!!!

  4. These are wonderful to see! Their eggs look like beautiful stones! I just love killdeer!

  5. Ruth, Thanks for the killdeer pictures. I think the babies and the eggs are just beautiful. The way they feign a broken wing to draw an intruder away from the nest is just awesome.

  6. I love how these birds fake the broken wing act. I witnessed a male and female doing this a couple years ago, and then saw one of the babies afterward. Watching these birds both in a dry climate as well as a wetter climate is such fun. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  7. Lovely series, and the nest and eggs is very cool to see !

  8. Wow, you captured some truly hard to get photos here! Fantastic!

  9. Wonderful photos of the Killdeer. I've never gotten close to a nest, nor have I ever seen a baby Killdeer. Good job!

  10. I love killdeer! How wonderful to see what the babies look like! I need to start looking out for them here. I've only ever seen one nest with eggs, but no babies!

  11. What a great documentation Ruth. I always hear them down the road from our house, but have yet to find their nest.
    Super pictures of the bird in flight.

  12. I hope to get to see our Killdeer babies this year. Cornell site says they move as soon as they dry. I always miss them.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  13. Ruth: I do love this bird and they are hard to capture in flight. they have returned to our area and I have a few photos.

  14. Thanks for introducing me to the killdeer. It's easy to see why the nests are easy to miss. I'm glad the bird in your last picture agreed to pose for Jake.

  15. Those little guys are well camoflauged indeed...just more evidence of our awesome Creator! This stuff sure doesn't just happen by chance or big bangs!

  16. Oh my, what a wonderful post, Ruth and Jake!! I loved seeing the eggs among the stones..and then to see the babies! THANKS Such cuties.. They are such striking birds and like you said soooo quick!
    Wonderful captures, Jake!!

    and what a pose he struck for you!! So handsome..with one foot just beyond the other..a model!

  17. Very, very nice! Thank you, Jake...The in-flight is especially wonderful.


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