Monday, April 27, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

Let me begin by explaining the naming of the birds.
I have chosen to use the names as they are given in the field guides.
All the guides use the same names so it is consistent.
Having said all that,let's take a look at the 'N' birds.
The Northern Shoveler could possibly be mistaken for a Mallard.
One look at the huge flat bill and the name makes sense. A Northern Flicker up close and personal. This is a female,it does not have the red mustache.
The above bird is a male.He has been busy excavating a hole.
This bird needs no explanation.
A Northern Cardinal,in all his beauty.
This picture was taken some 15 years ago.
We feel so fortunate to have seen and photographed this bird.
All of the above pictures were taken by Jake
A Northern Harrier,showing his white rump clearly.
Here is another view,showing the Northern Harrier from the bottom.
These birds are usually seen hunting over grassy fields.
Under just the right conditions they will hover in place for several minutes.
In my opinion the Northern Pintail is one of the most regal looking ducks around.
I love their coloration and markings.
Here a Northern Pintail coming in for a landing.
This picture shows it's long pointed tail which gives it it's name.
The last bird for today is one which is somewhat rare in our area.
The Northern Shrike is not seen every year,so I feel lucky to have these pictures.
Here we see the Northern Shrike hovering,looking for small rodents on which to prey.
This bird has the unique habit of spearing it's prey on a fence wire,
thus saving it for later.
The last 6 pictures were taken by Ruth
God's laughter can be heard in the song of birds.


  1. Don't you love the Northern Shovelers? They are so different than other ducks. Lovely post. I also like the flowers you have right above your current post. They are so lovely.

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  2. I love your "N" birds, Ruth...The Northern Flicker is such a wonderful bird--and so much fun to watch.

    And of course, I never tire of seeing pictures of Cardinals. They are just amazing!!!!


  3. Wonderful series of photos. Thank you for sharing.

  4. God's creativity is a constant source of joy and wonder!!! Thanks for those excellent photos! I love your field of flowers too. Thank you!

  5. All the "N" birds like you! You captured such beautiful photos! I really like those shovelers - always wanted to see one!!

  6. Once again, fantastic pictures Ruth. You do have such great luck photographing birds. The Flicker shots are wonderful. I have a difficult time. They are always on the move.

  7. Great pictures. I've only seen two but hope to see more.

  8. I love the Northern Pintail coming in for a landing. You two take such great pictures~thanks for sharing!

  9. THE NOrthyernShoveler is one of my favourite ducks. Your photo reminded me that I haven;t yet posted the pics I took of some last week. I Ialso love to watch Harriers cruising a field Ann

  10. If it wasn't for the word "Northern" I don't think there would be any N birds....nuthatches as a group. N is a difficult letter to find in nature. These are all great "northern" birds :-) A lot of variety.That last shot is very striking with the colors and the wings spread like that. You get lots of great flight shots!

  11. Hi Ruth,
    Great pictures of your N birds! Some of them are strange to me.

  12. Flickers are such neat birds and none have ever stopped here. I wish they would. I liked all of your bird portraits.

  13. I never knew "N" was such a beautiful letter before. Your photos are fabulous as always and I look forward to the weekly ABC's.

  14. Ruth,
    I can't tell you how nice this post many different birds and such great photographs from you and Jake!!
    I SO enjoyed seeing that pintail. He is such a stunning bird and you caught him flying which always adds interest to a photo.
    ...and a shrike..I would LOVE to see one of these birds..maybe not impale its victim on a fence but, I have to say, it is a unique creature!! :)

  15. Rith: A wonderful group of birds and really neat photos, so nicely done. Some of those I never see.

  16. Your list of 'N' birds is as beautiful and informative as all the others that have gone before. Thanks for all this good information.

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  18. Ruth, that was me that deleted the previous comment. I am so 'out-of-it' tonight that I forgot that I had already posted....Talk about a Senior Moment.. Ha Ha

    I'm extremely busy now--getting ready to leave on vacation on Sat. morning. If I don't comment as much, please forgive me.


  19. Lovely pictures for the letter "N". The close-up of the Northern Flicker is particularly beautiful, but they're all wonderful!

  20. I loved todays post! Especially the Shrike! Nice captures!


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