Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prairie Crocus

I would like to invite you to take a walk with me.
We will be in a cow pasture,so watch your step.
The soft and delicate Prairie Crocus grows at it's best
in a pasture.

Since my early childhood I can remember going with Mom and Dad

into the pasture to pick Crocuses.

At that time we were not aware of just how easily these plants can be destroyed.

Today I will not pick a single flower,but rather capture them with my camera.

The bees were enjoying the flowers as well.

This last picture is probably better viewed by enlarging it.

This is a part of the sea of Crocuses found in one pasture.

The Prairie Crocus is the floral emblem of Manitoba.

How great are your works,O Lord.
Psalm 92:5


  1. Very beautiful, Ruth. I remember seeing them in the mountains when I was young. They're such a lovely sign of spring and new birth.

  2. I L-O-V-E all your new flower pictures in your header!! The crocuses are so delicate and gorgeous. I've not lived in rural areas and have not seen such a huge patch of them! Wow. Indeed, how great are the Lord's works! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ruth, I love Crocus blooms. Ours are always the first to bloom in spring. I wish they would bloom longer!!!!

    Yours are so pretty.. I'd love to see that field full of them.


  4. They are so very beautiful Ruth. Thanks for the bouquet. :c)

  5. I have never heard of a Prairie Crocus and did not know they were Manitoba's flower. Ontario's flower is the trillium and it is illegal to pick it.

  6. Crocuses are such delicate beauties! loved these photos!

  7. Beautiful flowers! Makes me want to study pastures just alittle more for these flowers.

  8. Ruth, these are so beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen them growing in the wild like this. I am so happy you shared this beautiful site, the crocus filled field is just gorgeous.

    I love the new header too!

  9. What a beautiful flower! I've never gotten spend time in a pasture. My great-grandfather had a small farm in Bardstown, KY, but he just grew vegetables.

  10. ". . .Thy power throughout, the universe displayed . . ."
    Great photos.

  11. Never heard of these, they are very pretty. Guess they are kind of strange (in a good way) looking in the praire.

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  12. These crocus are beautiful. I'm glad you picked them with your camera -- hopefully there will be even more next spring.

  13. Ruth: The first flowers of Spring, very neat. You will catch up real soon and all will be blooming.

  14. These are much too gorgeous to be in with cowpies! How beautiful!

  15. Beautiful flowers, and lovely photos, Ruth. What a lovely floral emblem for Manitoba.

  16. I just love the color of these Crocus'. I didn't know they grew wild. Your header is gorgeous Ruth.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  17. Those pictures brought back a lot of nice memories for me, Ruth! I was a crocus in my Kindergarten play and I remember being so excited as my parents watched me grow on the stage - haha! They are not as popular a spring flower as they once were - but sure are a wonderful spring flower!

  18. Ruth this is amazing and I've never seen crocus growing wild before.


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