Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Cold Birding Day

Let me show you our nursery.
We have two Robin nests within 40 feet of each other.
This one is visible from the kitchen table,
the other one is above the light fixture on the house.
As soon as we have newborns I will show those pictures.
This picture was taken a few days ago. Today,while shivering in the cold
the words from a winter song come to mind today.
'The weather outside is frightful.'
Well O.K. it's not storming,but it is very cold.This morning the bird baths were frozen solid.
although the weather is not great,the birds made up for it.
While sitting on the back steps I was treated to the following birds.
The first one is a Rufus-sided Towhee.Isn't he a beauty?
Next we have a Rose-breasted Grosbeak,
another colorful bird.
I know these two are good 'R' birds and I will use them again.
Trust me,I have lots more pictures of these two.
Below is the Baltimore Oriole.
He is at the tray with raisins put there for the Robins.
Seems he enjoys the water,sweetened by the fruit.
We also offer orange halves and nectar for the Orioles.
We also had a Ruby-throated Hummingbird show up,but,
unfortunately no pictures. The song of a Robin is an angels voice in the garden.


Dorothy said...

Hi Ruth,
I enjoyed this post! You have some great photos of these beautiful birds!

Karin said...

Are you serious!!!!! The water was frozen!!! That is so hard to believe! We've had freezing temps here too in AB. Your bird photos are bea-u-ti-ful!!

Shelley said...

All the bird beauties are in your yard! Gosh I love that Rufus! He needs to come visit me!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Ruth, You always have the prettiest birds. That Rufus Towhee is gorgeous. I have never seen one before. Keep all of these beautiful bird pictures coming. Sorry it's still so cold up there. I'm such a southern girl that I'd be so upset with freezing temps the middle of May. Guess it's all about what we are used to, isn't it????


Barbie ♥ said...

What a nice day - though it was cold for you - sitting on the porch and being treated to all those birds - and beauties they are!!!

George said...

I'm glad we don't have to face frozen bird baths in the middle of May! It may have been a cold day, but you got some great pictures!

Montanagirl said...

I enjoyed your post. You have some wonderful photos of such beautiful birds. Our Orioles haven't arrived here yet. It's been a really chilly spring here.I have seen just two Goldfinches so far.

Diane said...

Hi, Ruth, Boy! You're very fortunate to see those kind of birds while sitting on your back step. They're all beautiful. I love the quote about the robins, how true. We have robins around here, too. They get so used to us that they cuss us out sometimes for going where they think we shouldn't.

Tina said...

I am amazed that you see all these different birds from your back porch...I want a back porch like yours!!
Great captures..even tho it was cold..hopefully it will warm up for you and all these wonderful birds!!

Ruth said...

I have to go walking on trails to find orioles and grosbeaks. We had a robin's nest in our yard two seasons ago and I was worried because it was so cold when the chicks were little. But they all did well.

Coy Hill said...

I'm suprised that the little hummers are up your way already considering how cold it is and for the orioles I just seen them here for the first two weeks ago.

Lovely photos. glad to see you 100-400s are working well.

myonlyphoto said...

Hi Ruth, wow these are beautiful bird photos. Anna :)

Mary said...

I do envy your oriole! I never see them and they are so colorful.

D said...

seen my first oriole today on our yard, nice birds

Michele said...

Such brightly colored birds, it seems here the birds are so boring and blecchy.
Sometimes I'll see a bright colored bird and wish I knew what it was. I'll take pictures and you will have to help me identify it because I have no idea about birds except I think they are beautiful creatures and sound so pretty!


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ruth: What a really neat set of bird photos, love the Oriole.

Leedra said...

I like Towhees we don't see them very often, and not sure I have ever seen this type of Towhee. (Not close to birding books).

In reference to cold weather, it was 39 here this morning. It is getting too late for this, although I know it is "Blackberry Winter".

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April said...

Aw, sweet picture of the Robin. Lovely, lovely birds.

Peggy said...

That Towhee is such an awesome bird! I love his coloring!