Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

'Q', now this one is a challenge.
The first bird is known as a Common Grackle
but for today I will use it's scientific name,
Quiscalus quiscula.
I am thankful that this is not the usual way of referring to this bird.
All birds have a common name and a scientific one.
The Grackle is not one of the most loved birds,
as it may raid other nests,and when a flock arrive
they can empty the feeders very quickly. Now I will move on to Queer.
The House Finch pictured below has a queer hair style.
I think it was part of the molt,but I like the bad hair day idea.
As if that wasn't queer enough,take a look at this American Robin.
He looks in rough shape,but did not act sick so it was probably in molt as well.
I think he is about the most pathetic looking Robin I have ever seen.
Queer seems to fit well here.
I know this post does not have many pictures,
but this is all I could come up with.
Check back next Monday,it should look much better.
How great are your works,O Lord.
Psalm 92:5


  1. You sure did capture some funny bad hair days. Glad you weren't around me with all the wind we have been having. :)

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  2. You did a great job for "Q"

    poor robin...

  3. We have so many Grackles ,but I guess they have to eat too. I tolerate them, but wish they would find another restaurant. I have a few House Finches with this weird hair-do too.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Very creative, Ruth! I wondered how you would handle "Q".

  5. How creative you were Ruth, with the "Q" birds... Good thing for those scientific names, huh????? ha ha (Glad I don't have to remember the scientific names!)

    I know that birds do 'molt' (usually in late winter). BUT--the little fledglings (born in Spring/Summer) definitely look weird --with alot of fuzz. So maybe one of your 'fuzzy' ones could be a fledgling... ?????

    I got some cute pictures today of a baby Robin and his Ma/Pa... I'll publish them sometime this week. They are so precious!!


  6. Ruth, you did a lot with Q. That poor robin looks just awful and I think the house finch is so comical with the little tufts.

  7. Yikes - that is the saddest looking robin I ever saw! I was wondering what you would do with Q and thought maybe you would have photos of Quackers - you know, ducks! Yours are great! Bad hair day is right!

  8. I've never seen anything quite like that poor Robin! The bad hair idea was a good one.

  9. Ruth: Neat shots of the Sparrow and Queer Robin. Scientific name, what a way to go.

  10. Like so many others who have commented, I also wondered how you were going to present the "Q" birds. Great idea! Scientific name and "queer" looking. :) I have a photo of a fledgling house finch from a couple years ago with those tufts, too. They are so cute when they fledge and come to the feeders looking like a "bad hair day." Poor robin! I've never seen one when it was molting. Have a good week, Ruth.

  11. Those are great choices for "queer"! So funny looking! I've had a bald female cardinal that shows up occasionally with her mate. Obviously some of these odd hairdos don't effect them too much!

  12. Well done on the letter "Q" Ruth. I've seen a few birds in molt lately too.

  13. Ruth, lol at those bad hair days!! You really captured some very interesting pictures of birds in molt fashion!!
    Tough to find too many Q birds..thank goodness for the scientific names!!

  14. So cute to see all your birdy's bad hair days - LOL! These made me smile!!

  15. The finch and the robin made me laugh, Ruth! Queer is the word ;-) haha!

  16. I think you did great with Q!
    I LOVE that finch with the bad hair day!!

  17. Oh my word Ruth!! That Robin is the saddest looking thing!! I sure hope it's just a seasonal thing!

  18. That was a great hairdo! Loved it!

  19. They can be a real mess when they molt, can't they?


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