Monday, May 25, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

If last weeks post was sparse,this week is plentiful.
The first 8 pictures are Jake's work,and the last 5 are done by Ruth.
This is a Ring-necked Duck,although the 'ring' is not visible. Here is a male Ruffed Grouse caught in the act of drumming.
This is a very old photo,taken with slide film and scanned to the computer.This pair of Redhead Ducks are also taken with slide film and scanned.
The Red-breasted Nuthatch is a year round visitor at our feeders.
A Ruby-crowned Kinglet is not east to photograph,
as he is always on the move. Jake caught this one in that second of inactivity.
The male Red-winged Blackbird is about as pretty as could be.
At this time of year the marshes are filled with these birds.
The tiny Ruby-throated Hummingbird is a coveted bird for photographs.
As seen here the red throat feathers only light up when the light hits it just right.
A Red-eyed Vireo is more often heard than seen.
These birds are persistent singers,from the highest branches of the trees.
A common sight on most lakes in summer are the Ring-billed Gulls.
This Red-necked Grebe was a treat to see,as they are not that abundant in our area.
What's not to love about the Rose-breasted Grosbeak?
These birds are colorful and have beautiful rich voices.
Some once said it was like a Robin who had taken voice lessons.
Last but not least is the colorful small Ruddy Duck.
This guy is almost clownish,with his bright colors.
If you ever have a chance to watch their courtship display
you will certainly enjoy it.
The vigorous head bobbing is most amusing.
How great are your works,O Lord.
Psalm 92:5


  1. These pictures are so wonderful! I know from my own limited experience what a thrill it is to capture a decent bird picture and these are great shots! Such a wonderful variety!

  2. Each one of these pictures is beautiful, Ruth. You and Jake must have been taking pictures for a long time. And you must have great cameras.

  3. Thanks Ruth for showing us the "R" birds. I still love that Rose-breasted Grosbeak... I wish it would stay in our area LONGER.

    Hope you all had a great weekend.

  4. Absolutely incredible! I am totally amazed at all these pictures and am in awe of our Creator! Bless you for sharing them.

  5. So many photos of wonderful bird life. Ruth I was particularly taken with the Rose breasted Grosbeak, such a pretty bird with a voice as well.

  6. You both have got some amazing shots!!!

  7. You both have got some amazing shots!!!

  8. Wonderful photos Jake and Ruth. I love the Rose-breasted Grosbeak too. I heard a male Black-headed Grosbeak singing the other day - at first thought it was a Robin - but it didn't sound quite right - so I finally spotted the GB up in a tree and his song was very melodious - like a Robin's but richer and well, more "melodious"!

  9. Akk of these photos are most beautiful. Ann

  10. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for posting a wide variety of R birds that we never see here in the South!

  11. Excellent post, Ruth. The pictures are wonderful. I especially like Jake's first one of the Ring-necked Duck - such a striking feather pattern. It reminds me a little of the Yin Yang symbol. The one of the Ruffed Grouse is very nice, too. I've heard them, but have never seen one drumming before. The Rose-breasted Grosbeak is gorgeous - I don't think they come this far west.

  12. P.S. Thanks so much for the help with the warbler id - my first confirmed sighting of a Wilson's Warbler. :)

  13. Lots and lots of R's and each one beautiful! Great shots!

  14. Nice birds and nice photo's!

  15. The things a city slicker like me doesn't get to see , but is lucky that you post them .

  16. That Ruffed Grouse drumming - oh my...what a catch that must have been and it scanned so nicely! And the Rose-breasted Grosbeak - just lovely!

  17. I think the "R" birds are my favorite! LOL! Especially those ducks - the Redheads are so gorgeous!!

  18. Ruth: a wonderful series of photos taken of the nature that surrounds you!

  19. I am beginning to think you could publish an entire guide to Manitoba birds! Gorgeous pictures. I like the definition of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak's song.

  20. Hard to choose a favorite in that bunch, Ruth. I'm going to go with the rb nuthatch over the rb grosbeak...just because of personality. Grosbeak wins in beauty, but the nuthatch is just too fun!

  21. Oh I loved all your R birds...but the RG drumming was special. I have never seen one do that and the rb Nuthatch was a lifer for me in WV so I loved it too but I must say the beauty of the RB Grosbeak is special. Great post Ruth.

  22. Gorgeous as two are such excellent photographers and I so enjoy my visits to your blog.

  23. I just love your alphabet post...what will we do when you reach ZZZ ?? Start over maybe with new pixs??
    Ruth, these are simply wonderful photos of soooo many different birds and water fowl..can't even begin to pick a favorite!! All of them!

  24. Your "R" post is absolutely wonderful. I'm very impressed with all of your photos, especially those that were scanned from slides.

  25. Ruth: I love your series of photos. You ended up with a neat showing of neat birds. I love the Ruffed Grouse shot. You can hear them for miles away.


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