Thursday, June 18, 2009

Manitoba Wildflowers

We are supposed to get thunder storms tonight,
so before they hit come with me back before the time of
digital cameras.
All of the following pictures were taken by Jake,
using slide film,and were later scanned to the computer.
Let's take a walk through some of our local wildflowers.
This first one is often sen in wet ditches.
This is called Water Smartweed.
The color is vibrant among the green grasses. Here we can take a look at the delicate bells of the Harebell.
The foliage of this plant is like slender stems of grass,
but those little bells are held high.
Clusters of these along the roadsides are gorgeous.
he Prairie Crocus grows wild in pastures.
This plant stays low to the ground and blooms very early in spring. Yellow Ladyslipper is a very showy flower. These are protected and not to be picked or dug up. We a have a favorite spot to go for these pictures. The plants also prefer a moist place in which to grow. Goldenrod is a fall flower. The tall plants are also great for drying,they hold up well.
Cosed Gentian is a flower I have only seen twice.
It seems that they do not bloom every year.
The flower does not open as one would expect;
but stays closed this way.
Wild Asters are everywhere in fall.
Roadsides are filled with both the purple and the white ones.
The flowers are small but together they put on quite a show.
Canada Thistle is not appreciated by all,especially the farmers.
I think the flowers are beautiful,but to keep the neighbors happy
I just have pictures and no plants.
This is called Goat's Beard.
Flowers that resemble a Dandelion and the seed head is also very similar.
I hope you have enjoyed some of our wildflowers.
This is the day to marvel as you discover a bit of God in People,
in nature and in happenings.


  1. These are an impressive collection of wildflowers! Such fine photography!

    I must try scanning our slides too sometime.

  2. Thanks for sharing your wildflowers with us. The photos are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful flower pictures, Ruth. The Lord puts on quite a show especially in the springtime, doesn't He?

  4. Ruth, The flowers in your area are just gorgeous. I hope to visit Canada someday. The Goldenrod is so colorful. The Prairie Crocus looks almost like tulips.. So gorgeous---ALL of them!!!


  5. These were all lovely - beautiful shots!

  6. What a lovely mixture of flowers and so many pretty colors. I really love wildflowers and especially what you can see along the roadsides.

  7. Enjoyed them very much Ruth. You indeed have some very different and interesting flowers in your area. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  8. The Yellow Lady's Slipper is gorgeous, but I especially like the 2nd photo.

  9. I hope to find Lady's Slippers sometime. They are in season here but are generally found north of where I live. The Goldfinches sure like the thistles.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the Thistle and I don't think I've ever seen yellow Lady Slipper.

  11. Great pictures of beautiful flowers. We have the Canada Thistle here too. Most of the others I have never seen. Nice series.

  12. Lovely Ruth. I see many of those flowers on my walks over here.
    I'm visiting the Red Deer River Valley in 2 weeks time to do a Warbler survey.
    I hear its very close to the Manitoba border.

  13. Love your pictures of wildflowers. I'd like to have a spot to grow them!

  14. More beautiful flowers, Ruth. I like them and I have a blog, "Our Flower Pot," about the flowers that grow here.

  15. I see many of these flowers here also and I like walking around and enjoying them... it's so pretty right now because the forest are alive with colors and of course bumble bees! The deer come down the hills and eat most of the flowers up so it's important to enjoy them as fast as you can! =)

    I hope you are doing well this weekend.


  16. I would love if several of those flowers moved into my garden.

  17. Boy, I just love that water smartweed - it is so pretty - never, ever heard of it! All the pictures are lovely, Ruth!

  18. Beautiful flowers Ruth! The butterflies here LOVE the thistle!!


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