Monday, June 1, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

Pull up a chair and get a cup of coffee or tea I would like to take you
along to see our 'S' birds.
You will need to be prepared for all kinds of weather,as we are viewing different seasons.
Bird number one is the Snow Goose,or in this case Geese.
In spring we see large flocks of these in our skies.

A much smaller bird,but still seen near the water is the Swamp Sparrow.
Trying to photograph this bird is a challenge,as he like to hide in the reeds.
Another shore bird is the small Spotted Sandpiper.
This one was in town in our park. The Song Sparrow can be seen and heard almost everywhere. Here we see him in the reeds,but he is equally at home on the yard, singing from some nearby branch. Another very secretive bird is the Sora. This bird is in the Rail family. It is rare to catch him out in the open,and they can disappear in the reeds very quickly. The Sanderling is a new Bird for us this year. We were fortunate enough to catch a small flock of them on their way through the area. While they are busy feeding they pay no attention to anyone around,or so it seems. This Sharp-shinned Hawk was photographed in Winnipeg at the Assinniboine Park.
High overhead we catch a glimpse of some Swans.
I think they are Tundra Swans.
Caught in flight is this Swainson's Hawk.
This is a fairly large hawk,with beautiful markings.
During our coldest days we find these Snow Buntings feeding on the ground.
These too are almost always in motion,therefore hard to capture.
Another winter bird is the lovely Snowy Owl.
This particular bird is almost pure white,
making it a male.
Here is a photo of a Sharp-shinned Hawk sitting in the trees.
This slender hawk favors the forested areas.
A rear view of a Sharp-tailed Grouse.
You can see how the name may have come about.
This songster is a Savannah Sparrow.
A drive through the countryside will yield many of
these birds sitting on a pole or wire,singing their heart out.
The only problem is that the song is a quiet lispy tsit-tsit-tsit.
The Swainson's Thrush is a lovely soft looking bird.
In a picture the spots in front look out of focus,
but they are just blended so softly.
Last but not least is this pair of Sharp-tailed Grouse.
They flew up right beside the car and I was lucky enough to get this one good shot
You can learn a great deal about God by studying His creation.


  1. So many good ones...I don't know where to start! My favorite is the Swainson's Hawk - never have I seen one and wow - I Love how he looks in your picture! The Sora was a wonderful catch (not seen one of them either) and the pure white Snowy is just breathtaking!

  2. My favorite is the snowy owl. He is so beautiful. I have never seen one but would love to.

    Craig Glenn

  3. Thanks Ruth.. I have learned about so many many birds through your ABC posts each week. I still love the Snowy Owl ---but there are others which are also gorgeous. The Sanderling is an interesting looking bird.

    Thanks so much for doing this for US.

  4. So many wonderful photos- I can't choose a favorite. Snowy Owls are so special to me, but the Sora is so neat. I've heard them many times but have never seen one.

    Love the Swamp Sparrow too.

  5. All of them are beautiful but my very favorite is the Snowy Owl. I would like one of those for a pet!

  6. I love all these photos - but the Snowy Owl holds a special place in my heart! He's so beautiful and pure!

  7. wow...that is a huge collection of S birds! The Snowy Owl is my favorite and those Grouse are neat, but I love the sparrows and such just as much.

  8. These sharp shinned hawks are amazing, I think. They look like they are standing on pencils as their legs are so thin. Nice photos all, Ruth.

    Voices from the past >

  9. Your S birds were Sensational! I'm gonna be different and pick for my favorite The Sanderling because I've never seen one and your picture is beautiful and detailed. I loved it. The Sora also because I have never seen one of them either. Great Job Ruth. God has created for our pleasure so many wonderful S birds!! Praise his Holy Name.

  10. This is such a lovely post of all your S birds. You see and photograph such a vast array of birds and we're so fortunate for that. Looking forward to your Ts

  11. A lovely series! The sparrows are so cute, and the snowy owl is beautiful. Wonderful photos and gorgeous flowers at the top, too!

  12. A great set of birds again. I hope to recognize Swamp Sparrows this year. They have confused me so far. I think I need to go birding in Winnipeg!

  13. I haven't visited your blog for a while... my loss! Astonishing photos. I can feel your love for the creatures in them.

  14. This one is full of some very rare sightings! Awesome!

  15. Ruth: What beautiful captures from nature, thanks for sharing them.

  16. Ruth, What a wonderful series of birds for S! I have many favorites among the S birds..but I think I have to say that Snowy Owl is my first pick!! I remember when you posted all your snowy wonderful..enjoyed all you info about your selections..thanks for sharing!

  17. Such a lovely variety of "s" birds, Ruth. Love the Snowy Owl and snow buntings, a couple of bird I'll probably never see. Thanks for sharing your pix of all these lovely birds.


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