Monday, June 15, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

I have to admit that today's letter,the 'U' gave be some trouble.
Since we don't have any 'U' birds,I needed to think of something else.
This is what I came up with,I will first show you some
Usual birds.These are seen on a regular basis.
The Blue Jay is indeed a true regular as we have them all year.
I am thankful that we see them often.Such color will brighten any day. Another Usual bird is the American Robin.
These birds do leave us in winter but are quick to return in early spring. Just so you don't forget about winter,here is our winter Robin. This last winter at least three robins stayed with us. What a treat to see them all winter. Today the weather is quite warm,so to cool things off, here is a winter Blue Jay.
Another Usual bird is the Black-capped Chickadee.
in the coldest of winter days the cheery call of these birds warms the heart.
Here is a final look at our mama Robin. She is tenderly tending to her babies.
On the flip-side allow me to show you some Unusual birds.
This past winter Jake and I had the privilege of photographing
some Eurasian-collared Doves.
According to all the maps they should not be in our area.
I do believe this would qualify them for the Unusual category.
As with the Mourning Doves,these birds look so soft and gentle.
You can learn a great deal about God by studying His creation.


  1. Great bird pictures, Ruth. That collared dove may not supposed to be in this area either, but we have had them at our feeder, too.

  2. I've yet to see a Eurasian Collared Dove. It looks as sweet as our Mourning Doves.

  3. I think you handled the lack of 'U' birds very nicely. I enjoyed your collection of usual and unusual birds.

  4. Great way to use the letter "U"! My favorites were those Robins of yours!! So delightful!

  5. Ruth, you are just too creative.. I love your Usual and Unusual birds.... Great post!!!!!

    Oh by the way, haven't you heard of the Underwear Warbler??????? Hmmmm---I know. You are thinking about this one!!!!

    Okay---so there's no such thing... But--since there are so many warblers, there might be one!!!!! Ha Ha Ha

    Betsy--who is SILLY tonight

  6. Very creative, Ruth. Usual, unusual all beautiful. Don't they just brighten up our lives!?

  7. Excellent series of photos. Love the Blue Jay shot!

  8. Great choice of usual birds..I love the robins and all that orange..and those jays can be a pain but you have admire the vibrancy of those blues!
    We noticed that we also had several robins who are hanging around here all winter..which use to not be the case!!

  9. Ruth: A wonderful group of birds and very well captured. Those are some really nice photos.

  10. I've just started following your blog. It's nice that you two share the same likes. Nice pictures. And a creative way to use the "U".

  11. What lovely bird sightings! The Blue Jay has such attractive and interesting feathers, and the Eurasian-collared Doves are most unusual. Wonderful post for the letter "U"!

  12. Enjoyed your usual and unusual birds.

  13. Beautiful pictures as -usual-Ruth... I like your stories too.
    I've never seen Collared Doves. Maybe they were passing hrough.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  14. Great idea for the letter "U". Much as I enjoy finding a new bird, the common ones are lovely. When I look out and see robins, bluejays, goldfinches, chickadees, cardinals and more in my yard, I think "what a beautiful variety of feathers."

  15. Yes indeed God's creations are a wonder to behold! The birds you show us today are several of my favorites..focusing on nature certainly takes away my worry. Thank you for your continued prayers for me.hugs aNNa

  16. Always a highlight is your weekly ABC's - what will I do when you get to the end of the alphabet? After following your blog I know it will be just as beautiful as always!

  17. Very tricky for U! I like your "usual birds" and they pretty much match my own except for the collared dove. Isn't it wonderful to know you can depend on these beautiful creatures showing up regularly?

  18. Usual birds - what a delightful post!

  19. Beautiful bird shots. The first bluejay shot is my favorite, excellent!

  20. You always have such a nice variety - and my favorite is the blue jay with the fall background - wow!


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