Monday, June 29, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

The wonderful world of 'W'.
Today we have a lot of birds to explore,so,
sit back and join me as we look at the 'W' birds.
The first bird is the colorful male Wood Duck.
Without a doubt this is my favorite duck.
Here we see him perched in a tree,something other ducks don't do.
The Wilson's Phalorope is also quite colorful.
In this species it is the female who has the brighter color.
The reason for this is that the males incubate the eggs,
while the girls are out doing what female Phaloropes do. Here is the White-throated Sparrow.
This bird passes through our area in early spring and fall. The small Winter Wren is a relative of the more common House Wren.
A Wilson's Snipe is most unusual looking.
It seems that the bill is too long for him.
In the spring we hear them winnowing in the fields.
The above photos are by Ruth
Western Grebes are sleek birds.
These are the one that run on the water during courtship displays.
Here we see them during part of the courtship display. The following pictures are done by Jake
The song of the Western Meadowlark is so clear and flute like.
In our area when we hear the Meadowlarks we know it's spring.
Another spring migrant is the White-crowned Sparrow.
The Western Kingbird is not as common in our area as it's cousin
the Eastern Kingbird.
I do think this bird is lovely to look at.
Not quite as pretty,is the Wild Turkey.
We have flocks of them in the rural areas.
A bird which is around all year is the White-breasted Nuthatch.
This picture shows him in his normal pose,
going down a tree head first.
The last bird for today is very special.
The Western Tanager is not supposed to be in our part of the country.
A few years ago this bird stopped by in spring.
He stayed just long enough to get a few pictures and was not seen again.
You can learn a great deal about God by studying His creation.


  1. I didn't realize how many birds began with "W" around this part of the country. Such a nice grouping Ruth.
    Happy Monday.

  2. There were more 'W' birds than I would have thought. But this is another wonderful post with great pictures. You've certainly taught me a lot through this series.

  3. Great pictures as always. I'd say it was a tie on who shot the best bird pictures.

  4. Another letter covered beautifully. I haven't seen half those birds. The Western Kingbird is very lovely.

  5. Great W, Ruth. You really have a vast amount of knowledge on these birds. Some of them are so pretty - we have the wild turkeys around here and I'm kind of fond of them. They're so silly.

  6. I had my first nuthatch here in Indiana several days ago, I was hoping it would stay, but I haven't seen it again.
    The tanager is so pretty.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Robin's Nesting Place and for your kind comment!

  7. Gorgeous photography indeed! The world is really very beautiful the way you represent it!!

    Damn Dam — Khadakwasla

  8. You've got some really special birds on your W list. I'm partial to the Wood Duck.

  9. It's always a treat to see your pictures of birds!

  10. I've never seen a Wood Duck up a tree, thanks for the great capture! I so look forward to your bird ABC's, gorgeous pictures and a great bird tutorial.

  11. Your photography of all those birds is totally amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lots of "W" birds, Ruth... I never thought that 'any' Sparrow could be as pretty--as the White-throated Sparrow can be.

    We have lots of White-breasted Nuthatches here. They are not afraid to come to the feeders even if I am out there.

    Hope you are having a good week.

  13. A lot more 'W' birds than 'V' birds. Didn't know any duck would get in the trees. He kind of looks odd there. Neat to catch him.

  14. Wonderful "W" series! Your bird photos are amazing! They are all so beautiful!

  15. Ruth: What neat captures of the nature you get to see. That Wood Duck and Grebe photos were really special.

  16. Beautiful W's! All of them are so lovely and a few are new to me. I get Eastern versions when you get Western ones :-)


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