Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Allow me to share with you some flowers in one of my favorite colors.
This pink Tulip was blooming in our garden earlier this spring.
The Cape May Warbler is not pink but is sitting on the soft pink
blossoms of a friends Apricot tree. Another pink Tulip from our garden. These buds are on one of the many ornamental crab apple trees in Morden. Some of our streets are lined with these trees and put on quite a show in springtime.
Here is a view with the blossoms open.
The trees are so covered with flowers one cannot see any
branches or leaves.
Later these same trees have small apples on them,
good only to attract the birds.
In everything both great and small,
We see the hand of God in all.


  1. Ruth: I do like to see your flowers and birds from your area of the country.

  2. Hi Ruth, Love your 'pink' blog post. You would really LOVE our roses this year since it appears as if we have more pink than any other color. Come on down!!!!

    I grew up with a big Crab Apple tree in our yard. My mother made Crabapple Jelly every year. I never see it in the stores--but it was so good.

    Have a great Sunday.

  3. Hi Ruth, I enjoyed seeing your pretty pink post!!

  4. They are all pretty, but my favorite is the apricot and warbler.

  5. Each of those photos is certainly pretty in pink. Thanks for a wonderful post.

  6. Lovely pics Ruth, so many great colours !

  7. Wonderful "pink" post. The photos are excellent.

  8. Beautiful pink flowers, that last tree is a burgundy leaved Crabapple, I have one in the garden too. The little apples are great for added pectin if our jam or jelly does not set.
    Hugs and blessings.

  9. What a gorgeous post - I loved all the photos but am a huge fan of the crabapple blossoms. Just when our tree blossoms it always seems like it only last a day or two and we get wind that blows all the petals off.

  10. Your flowers always look exquisite!! Just love those pinks!!

  11. Just a delightful post! Very pretty pinks and a nice Cape May Warbler.

  12. One of my favorite colors. What a nice display showing off what nature has to offer in pink. Thanks for sharing.

  13. In Rockwood we are finding all kinds of neat things this year. One of them is a flowering crab, it was beautiful in the spring. I had to find out what it was.

  14. The colors, flowers and the Cape May Warbler on the Apricot blossoms are Georgous! Thanks for sharing them.


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