Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some More Macro

Jake and I are having fun with the new Macro lens.
The first three pictures were done by Ruth,
the last two by Jake.
This Columbine is just plain pretty as far as I'm concerned.
An nameless bug was willing to pose for me.
I am sure he has a name,but I don't know what it is. This flower is no bigger than half an inch across.
I have not taken the time to identify it,so it too is nameless. These last two pictures were taken after a rain. The water droplets look like beads on a string.
Some more water droplets,this time on a Lupin leaf.
When you see God in the small stuff,
your life becomes more meaningful.


  1. Ruth: Really nice close-up work, you just keep having fun.

  2. I always have fun with macro shots. It looks like you are having fun too.

    I will have some up myself tomorrow on a couple of blogs. Mostly bugs but neat ones.

  3. You and Jen (at unglazed) have me really wanting a Macro lens! Fun shots!

  4. Beautiful flowers and you did such a wonderful job on those water droplets!

  5. Beautiful Ruth.... Having and using macros helps make us humans take time to look at the smaller things in life which we sometimes ignore.

    Great photos!

  6. My dream is to purchase a macro lens but it takes me so long. I already bought a zoom lens about a few months ago that I saved up for many months with saving up tips from work and collecting bottles and so I have started over for a macro lens as well. It takes time but I'm determined. If my medication monies stay stable and I don't need to dip into it, I should be able to get one by Xmas! Yay.... I'm excited.

    Your photos are beautiful!! Absolutely stunning!

    Hugs and kisses.

  7. The macro fun is just beginning....such fun it is. When I have my macro lens in hand I see so many small things I don't normally see. It opens up another world, slows us down.

  8. Ruth and Jake,
    You have some awesome reflections going in those rain drops in your last that Jake I see taking the shot?
    I think I will have to get out my other lens and play with the macro feature on my've inspired me!!
    Great shots..looks like fun!!!

  9. Lovely macros, Ruth. I like the Columbine especially. Many people do not realize that many cheaper point and shoot cameras have excellent macro settings. I use my inexpensive pocket sized Canon camera for all my macros.

  10. Water droplets are some of my favorite photographs. Great job!

  11. The droplets were very cool! Experimenting with new lenses are soooo much fun!

  12. Wonderful! Isn't it amazing what you see through a Macro lens? Especially after you load them on a computer, and REALLY see what you captured...Nice work.

  13. I'm impressed with the pictures both of you are getting with the new macro lens. All of these pictures are wonderful, but the raindrops are exquisite.

  14. Beautiful flowers and lovely beads of water!

  15. Ruth these are spectacular! Macro is such fun isn't it. Those water droplets are beautiful and so clear.

  16. Ruth Amen to your last sentance!
    Your macros are wonderful!Well done!
    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement on my recent post and for holding me in your prayers.
    Bless you hugs aNNa xo

  17. Isn't macro fun? It makes you feel like a photographer for National Geographic or something....well...almost :-) Great photos of the water! Wow!

  18. Ruth, that columbine is one of the prettiest images I've seen to date of that flower! Wow! I also love the water droplets - just really pretty!

  19. Amen Ruth! Fabulous macro images...I'm lovin' these!

  20. Hi Ruth & Jake, Awesome pictures and Bless you for the wonderful Christian Image you portray. I live in Texas and recently had the honor of visiting Alaska and Canada, the landscape in your part of the world was exquisite. I am Also a School Bus driver since 1980.

  21. Fantastic photos. I really like them all but the water droplet one is gorgeous. Nice catch.


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