Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Hot Outside

I know that some of you have been experiencing very hot temperatures
so I thought I could help you cool down.
Here are three pictures taken in December ,2008.
Take time to enjoy them and feel the cooling air.

We are having some warmer weather today,but the farmers are waiting for this.
With the cool temperature,the crops are about a week or two behind schedule.
I will try not to complain about the heat as we need good crops to keep us all fed.
The Lord is a great God. Psalm 95:3


  1. Great photos to cool us all down Ruth! Though in Michigan - we were pretty cool last week. The last 2 days have been muggy and rainy.

  2. Thanks for the coolness! We have been cooler than normal here in Mississippi for a week or so. Hope you are having a great day.

  3. Ruth: Weather is so fickle, we are experiencing a cool spell. Those are nice Winter photos.

  4. Love your sense of humor Ruth! I'm enjoying as well as coping with the warm weather. Fall and winter will be here soon enough!

  5. I'm sure these pictures helped all of us to feel just a bit more comfortable. These pictures are beautiful.

  6. Holy Cow, Ruth... I had no idea you all had that kind of HOT temps UP there. Mercy Me!!!!

    We've had a couple of weeks of much cooler weather than normal. Can I tell you how much I love it????? I DO!!!!

    Hope you have had a great day.

  7. Ruth, your beautiful snow scenes fit right in with our winter temperatures. I love snow anytime of the year.
    Sorry you are sweltering, just stay indoors and if you have no air-conditioner, then sit in front of a fan.

  8. Nice! Very nice. How I want it to snow in a very bad way.
    I have never ever liked summer and I have never been those that said I cannot wait for summer.
    That's why I live here in the Rocky Mountains.
    Now I have almost 40C temps. and you can almost fry eggs on the car rooftops. =D
    Highly unusual for Western Canada.
    Now dry lightning strikes and I worry for the forests.

    Thanks for the snow photos and I will feel the cool air as I work today.


  9. Three beautiful winter scenes and YES..they really do something to your brain - I'm feeling cool ;-)

  10. Nice series - especially the last one! Cooled me right down.

  11. LOVE that last shot! Thanx for cooling us down with your photos!

  12. Is it summer somewhere??? We've been cool and damp almost the entire month of June and most of July! Next week is supposed to be hot and humid so I'll come back and cool off in your gorgeous pictures!!!

  13. Hey! That really worked, when I looked at thos pix I got a chill and it's 85 here today... Thanks!

  14. Great choice of pictures Ruth. We've had so much rain, and not so warm though. Crops are slow here.

  15. Lovely "cool" post - just what I needed! It's very hot here, too, but I'm not complaining. Beautiful pictures of the winter landscape!

  16. Love that third photo! I'm not ready to think about snow yet, but it does make me feel cooler to have seen these pics :-)

  17. Your photos brought back lots of memories. Some I'd just as soon forget. The collapsed lung happened in November and December. Both cold and snowy. LOL
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  18. Thanks so much for your comment. I am not sure why you have trouble leaving a comment on my blog. I am still pretty new at this. But I will certainly investigate.

    Had to laugh when you talked about how hot it is in some parts of the country - here it has been on the cool side - but since I live in the land of winter snow - I am just happy to see the sun and have the windows open. So what if I have to wear a sweatshirt (at the end of July!!)

  19. Those pictures have taken my breath away, they are simply beautiful! I don't even know which one I like the most, they're all just magnificent.

  20. Oh my snow!!!! Lovely pictures tho.
    Glad you are enjoying some nice weather..we have been unusually cool this far.!!

  21. The stormy sky photos are amazing captures! Great photography! Ann.


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