Monday, July 6, 2009

My Weekly Bird ABC

This week was a stretch for me.What bird begins with the letter 'X'
Well after some digging I have a simple solution.
In looking through my bird field guides I noticed that the
Yellow-headed Blackbird would qualify.
No,I know that Yellow does not begin with 'X',BUT,
the scientific name does.I am glad I don't have to try to pronounce this one.
Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus.
Now that's quite a handle,but this bird carries it well. Jake has been diligent in trying to get birds in flight.
Here are a few of the Yellow-headed Blackbird. This bird is quite striking,with it's contrasting colors. It is a little larger than it's cousin the Red-winged Blackbird.
I wish there were sound with this picture.
The song of this bird sounds like a rusty hinge.
I have also observed that it looks like it takes great effort to produce the song.
This one was caught just on take-off.
Just a pretty pose,caught by Ruth
Another lift-off.
And still another one belting out it's song.
We are told in the Bible to 'Make a joyful noise".
This may not be the most melodic song,but he is giving it all he has.
First four pictures by Jake,
the remainder by Ruth The Lord is a great God.Psalm 95:3


  1. Wow Ruth --You really did some research to find an "X" bird...That yellow-headed blackbird is gorgeous. Thaks so much for sharing this one with us. I'd love to see one someday!!!


  2. Congratulations on coming up with this wonderful 'X' bird. The photos are stunning.

  3. This one I have seen with my own eyes! Well, not this particular one - but probably the previous generations!! The contrasting colors are so vivid too! And you are right about their song! Great shots!

  4. That is one beautiful bird!! Great X bird for your post.

  5. Excellant capture of this gorgeous bird. It's much more attractive than our Red-winged blackbird.

  6. Another bird that is on my "wish I could see one" list. They are so beautiful in photos that I have seen and these photos make me want to see one that much more. Very clever way to get around X.

  7. THIS is one bird I have on my mental list that I would love to see and photograph some day! What a great series of pictures you and Jake have captured of this guy!! Everything from posing so nicely, to singing to got them all..:)

  8. These pictures are just outstanding! I am in awe of the beauty in flight and also posing and singing - WOW! So glad you happened to realize his formal name began with an X! I hope one day to see and photograph this gorgeous fellow!

  9. Those are some MIGHTY FINE flight shots! (and I am really jealous that you got a yellow-headed too! Awesome!

  10. That is just one fabulous blackbird. I don't think I have ever seen one around here.

  11. I am always in awe of this bird's beauty. Glad you found the X in it's name.. :-) and on further down I can see God's hand in all the beauty of nature. For the life of me I can't understand how some can't see it!! Thanks for a lovely post.

  12. These are beautiful photos. i have only seen this species once, in the states along highway #2 in North or South Dakota. I was in awe of these magnificent birds. How wonderful to see these photos posted on your blog.

  13. Just found your blog today, I enjoy your photo's. Looks like I joined near the end of the alphabet. I will have to go back and review. Beautiful pictures though!

  14. I never knew a blackbird could be this colorful! Gorgeous photos!

  15. That's quite a name! Gorgeous blackbird and lovely observations!

  16. I've never seen one of these. He sort of reminds me of the Boblink which we have around here, some similarities. Great captures!

  17. Beautiful photos as usual, Ruth and Jake. I saw this species for the first time just a couple years ago when my husband and I traveled to the wildlife refuges between the California and Oregon state line (Klamath and others). I was surprised they didn't have much of a song. Their yellow heads make it so much easier to spot than their cousins, the red-winged blackbirds.

  18. Ruth: Now I would think this was the only way to get there with an X. What a neat bird and I love the white accents on the wings.

  19. I have never seen a yellow headed blackbird before....what a lovely lovely bird. You and Jake did a wonderful job capturing it!!

  20. I have been away but had to check back to see what you did with the letter "X". What a beautiful blackbird, and such X-ceptional pictures.


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