Sunday, August 23, 2009

Corn and Apple Festival

Today I want to take you downtown to our local festival.
Every year on the third weekend in August Morden puts on
an event called The Corn and Apple Festival.
This draws large numbers of people from the surrounding area.
Tour buses come from Winnipeg,about an hours drive.
Let's start at the east end of town.
Looking east here is the entrance to the Research Station.
The gardens and lawns draw many people every summer.

As we turn to look west,this is the main street in town.
Officially it is called Stephen Street,but locally is known as Main Street.
A closer look shows the rides waiting for riders.
No rides or vendors are allowed to open until noon on Sunday.
This festival starts on Friday and goes through to Sunday evening. Throughout the weekend there is entertainment on the main stage as well as at some smaller stages.
All my pictures were taken today,Sunday,so the rides are motionless.
Just to show some of the pretty things around,
the lamp posts all have these lovely baskets of flowers.
Here is an old building,which for many years was the local post office.
The Art Gallery now occupies this building.
Just another view of the clock tower.
This was the scene this morning before the church service began.
On stage to open the morning service was a local group called Glorybound.
A peek at the sound booth.
The following three pictures show the Sunday morning crowd.
I had to take this in segments in order to show all of it.
Here is a close-up view the clock.
Some more decorative displays on the old buildings.
This is the Sunday morning crowd as seen from the stage area.
It is good to see most of the local churches participating in this service.
After the church service is over the street begins to fill up.
We have about six blocks of the main street filled with vendors of every kind.
Some of the side streets are also used.
For the three days of the festival the town gives out free corn on the cob and apple cider.
Here are two line ups of people waiting to get their free corn.
And finally,I have to show my favorite street display.
This is our son,Steve,showing some of his photography work,
and hoping to generate more business.
Good luck,Steve.


George said...

There is something very special about small town festivals. When I lived in Ohio our hometown had a harvest festival each October. It wasn't quite as large as your festival, but the whole town took part.

Karin said...

Thank you for sharing with us all the news of this festival - a celebration of community! Sounds like a wonderful time. So glad you shared the photos - they are excellent!

Valerie said...

Our fire department hosts a fair every year at Labor Day. They are volunteer, so it is their 1x a year fund raiser.

How neat to have one church service with all the congregations joining together. A tiny taste of heaven, don't you think?

warriormom said...

Great festival and I hope Steve did well. I love how the churches get together for one service and the rides and vendors don't open till noon on Sunday!!!

Pat said...

The Corn and Apple festival is very colorful and looks like lots of fun! Thanks for sharing.

Montanagirl said...

Thank you for sharing this! The Corn and Apple festival must be great fun for all. Nice photos to tell the story too!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Ruth!
We did join the crowd for one Old Tyme dance; although the floor was more crowded then what we like. We really enjoyed the live bands! the Country Playboys and the Echo Valley Boys. Also loved to chat with fellow Friends of Dance couples.
~Betty L

P.S. Thanks for the encouraging visit on Friday evening in the grocery store. Will have to make time and have coffee sometime.

Diane said...

Thanks for taking me to your festival. It looks like it's a great time. I especially like the idea of the church services and music. Tell your son best wishes on his photography. I'm sure its really hard to start from the ground up.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Ruth, I love hearing about your small town festival... That is totally awesome. Love that clock tower. Awesome!!!!

AND---I'm glad that they held services on Sunday morning. How special is that.

Thanks so much for sharing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ruth: What fun, my grandson and I are headed to the county fair today.

April said...

This looks very festive! Wonderful happy scenes! It's nice that your son is involved in photography too. I hope he gained a few more customers during the weekend festival.