Thursday, August 20, 2009


On Tuesday and Wednesday we were out shooting hawks.
Here is a small sample of some our images as they come from the camera.
I caught this Red-tailed Hawk just on take-off.

The area we were in had many hawks soaring above us.
This one,also a Red-tailed Hawk was fairly low.
I have not even cropped this picture.
Here is yet another Red-tail about to take-off with it's lunch.
It seems that right now the majority of hawks are Red-tails.
All of the pictures were taken with a Canon XTi,using a Canon 100-400mm lens.
Enjoy happiness,treasure joy.


  1. Beautiful detailed pictures of the hawk! So graceful in flight.

  2. Very nice Ruth and Jake! Love these shots. Hawks are my favorite.

    Craig Glenn

  3. Beautiful, Ruth!
    That bird in photo #2 is looking right at you.
    I have never had much luck at shooting birds in flight. I need practice!

  4. Beautiful birds Ruth. In flight they are magnificent!
    We have many of those here too.

  5. Great photos of the hawks, Ruth. I am glad that you and Jake aren't 'shooting' the hawks with a gun though... ha ha ha

    Love that 3rd picture...

  6. Ruth, You always capture such neat shots of birds in action...that last shot of it with lunch is wonderful...what a look in his eye!!

  7. I always love your pictures,Ruth. I just wish I could appreciate hawks.

  8. As you probably know, hawks are among my favorite birds. These photos of the hawks are just very nice indeed.

  9. Nice photos of the Hawks! How do you like the XTi??

  10. Great shots of these beautiful birds.

  11. Those are so good! What wonderful poses you caught them in. I usually just see them sitting on the wires and have a terrible time tracking them if they are in flight.

  12. Very nice captures and poses! RT Hawks are often inquisitive and not afraid to be near people. I have heard they would be a good national bird as Canada does not have one, and they are found in every province and territory.

  13. Ruth: Great shots, the hawks in this area are not as co-operative.

  14. Oh Ruth! These pictures are just fantastic! I LOVE The expression on the faces - and that posture and lunch - wow!!!!

  15. YOU seem to have the same camera and lens as I do. I love finding hawks to photograph but I have found very few this summer. your photos are lovely!Thanks for your many appreciated comments you leave on my blog;

  16. Oh Ruth you shocked the heck out of me with your opening statement!!
    Whew...with your camera!!!
    Great shots..and I sure do appreciate each prayer and words or encouragement you regulary leave for me..Makes a difference I can hear your whisper. hugs

  17. These are absolutely beautiful. The crispness and the detail are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  18. Very nice captures of these hawks. My favorite is the last with his wings up ready for flight! The hawks are starting to be seen here with early migration I guess!


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