Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Flowers for You

Since I showed flowers on our last Walk Down Memory Lane
I decided to show some of my earliest pictures of flowers.
I got my first digital camera just to be able to take pictures
of my soon to arrive grandchild. As I was playing with my new camera I took a few flower pictures. As the saying goes,"the rest is history". I found out that I really enjoyed photography.
Soon I was trying a variety of shots,and the bug had bitten.
Before I had become a Grandma,I had become a photographer.
Now two cameras later,this is my primary hobby.
I hope you have enjoyed my walk through the flower garden.
Enjoy happiness,treasure joy.


  1. Hi Ruth
    I sure did! Great photos!
    Great Job

  2. These are all so pretty! What is that last pink flower? I really like it! Would be a lovely shot to have on the computer desktop in the winter to remember summer :-)

  3. Ruth your flower photos are just magical! Thank you for taking me along in your garden.
    How is that lovely moppet of a granddaughter of yours, last time you had her on your blog she was the cutest thing on wheels.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Love the last photo of the pink flower. What is that?

  5. Wonderful! You have the knack for good photography.

  6. It looks like it came naturally. Beautiful flowers, Ruth, I love the last one, the delicate pink flowers. Can you tell me their name?

  7. I'm glad you had that grandbaby and that first camera. You early pictures were just as wonderful as your current pictures.

  8. Hi Ruth, I always love your flowers. You take such amazing photos--- no matter what camera you use.


  9. i sure am delighted with this walk through your pretty garden. you shot some exquisite photos.

  10. I'd be happy to walk down your garden path anytime Ruth. A marvelous walk indeed.
    Your photographs are truely amazing.

  11. Great closeups of beautiful flowers! I really like the tiny pink clustered flowers at the end.

  12. Ruth: What a beautiful series of flowers, I like that white lily best.

  13. Aren't digital cameras the best! You can take so many pictures and learn from your mistakes without paying for all that developing. Beautiful pictures!

  14. Beautiful shots Ruth! So glad you took up this hobby!!

  15. Ruth,
    Such gorgeous colors and that last shot.. I love that flower...beautiful!!

  16. No wonder you got hooked, Ruth! Your first attempts look professional - it must have blown you away to see what you could do with a camera in your hands!

  17. Hi. This post is likeable and your blog is very interesting, congratulations!! Beautiful flowers!!


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