Monday, August 31, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 5

Today,as we walk down Memory Lane let's take a look at butterflies and insects.
This year has been very quiet in the butterfly world,but in years past that was not the case.
Here are slide scans of Jake's pictures,featuring a variety of insects.
The first three pictures show the beautiful Monarch Butterfly.

Here,as most of you know is the Monarch caterpillar.
It is seen on Milkweed,a favorite host plant. The next picture may need to be enlarged to see all the yellow butterflies or moths. There were hundreds of them all over this field.
Below a White Admiral.
An insect of a different sort.The spider although not beautiful is a busy worker.
It has created this perfect web.
Here is a swarm of bees.
I don't know much about bees except that this is called swarming.
Up close and personal with a dragonfly.
And a face to face encounter.
A pretty fuzzy caterpillar.
Jake caught this spider against a full moon.
Here are a few more dragonflies.
I think these may be Sulphers.
These are the same butterflies in the earlier picture with so many of them.
Take a closer look at the swarming bees.
Be careful,don't get stung.
Another look at the Monarch Butterfly and in the next picture a caterpillar.
This picture also shows the Milkweed flowers.
Last but not least a lovely Yellow Tiger Swallowtail
Enjoy happiness,treasure joy.


  1. Gorgeous Ruth.. I've never seen that black and white butterfly before. WOW--what a beauty.

    Love the spider and the moon... Great shot, Jake!!!!

    Ugh---I don't want to be anywhere near that swarm of bees. GADS!!!!

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Your posts just get more and more amazing. I just heard (on the news about the wildfires) today that the Monarchs fly to Pismo Beach, California and collect there by the millions. After looking at your post I think that's going to go on my bucket list. The spider on the moon - incredible. They're all wonderful. Great job. Thanks a lot.

  3. I'm going to hear that swarm of bees in my head now! I just shudder thinking of it! Absolutely stunning shots - love that spider against the moon. Spider webs have always fascinated me. This one is perfect. Would probably make a great Halloween poster - not that I like the thought of Halloween.

  4. Beautiful and interesting post, as usual!. Great photography!

  5. The White Admiral is a real treat for me to see. I had not seen one before.

  6. I think you have a field of European Skippers in the one picture. The spider web and the spider against the full moon are wonderfully captured, creative shots. Another beautiful set of pictures.

  7. What beautiful photos. I was completely taken by the field of yellow butterflies. I imagine it was like watching flowers take wing!

  8. Ruth: What a wonderful series of insects, so many its hard to pick a favorite.

  9. Ruth, these are all lovely, but the spider against the moon is outstanding camera work!

  10. You have so many wonderful photos here... Love the white admiral butterfly and upon your suggestion I clicked on the swarm of bees and I think it is in the shape of a heart... check it out! how cool. Love the field of yellow butterflies which just look like flowers until you click. And the spider in the moon is great! Nice post.

  11. Your insects are just delightful! I love them all, even the swarming bees.

  12. have so many good things in this post! Love the butterfly shots...all of them....have never seen a White Admiral pretty! That spider against the moon was very clever, Jake! I enlarged that field of little yellow cool! Must have been quite a sight. The bee swarms scare me....shiver.

  13. All of these photos are absolutely gorgeous. The pictures of the monarchs are beautiful, but I also like that exquisite spider web.

  14. Your pictures are wonderderful. I especially like the one of the spider and the full moon. That is a treasure of a photo capture.beautiful!

  15. Most people walk right by butterflies an dragonflies and spiders without even noticing them, but your photos show that they surround us with the vivid beauty of Creation. If only more people would take time to watch and appreciate...


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