Monday, August 3, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Once again I invite you to join me on a Walk Down Memory Lane.
This series takes you through the collection of Jake's slide scans.
Some of these pictures may go back to the '60s and some are as new as 2005.
As usual,these are in random order,much like many older photo albums are.
Jake enjoys anything that flies.
He has attended many airshows and here are a few pictures.
The US Air force Thunderbirds.
These guys put on a fantastic show.

O.K. this air show happened on our yard.
The Indigo Bunting is somewhat in the shadows.
Another bird,the American Robin at it's nest. Little or no flight here,just an interesting spiderweb.
Back to flying,the Monarch Butterfly is a beauty.
Several White Admirals.
A Dragonfly which shall remain nameless.
These Pine Siskins are fighting over seed in Jake's hand.
Another airplane.I have no name for it,but like the color.
From the old to the new,a jet fighter.
And so ends this segment of our walk.
Join me next week to see what we find on Memory Lane.
Enjoy happiness,treasure joy.


  1. I'll show the airplane pictures to Art- he'll love them.

    Jake got to feed Pine Siskins in his hand????

  2. Terrific pictures, Ruth!! I like the Pine Siskins eating out of Jake's hand!

  3. I love all the birds! We have pine siskins here, too, but they are more dull green and yellow. Maybe ours here aren't pine siskins? They gobble up the thistles seedfrom the feeder in 4 or 5 days.

  4. Wow, These pictures are ALL so cool Ruth. Of course I like everything you post. How did you get those Siskins to eat out of Jakes hand? My siskins have all gone North for the summer.

  5. I LOVE the dragonfly.. it's so pretty. It looks like the one I have tattooed on my wrist. Special meaning to that, of course... that is why I just gasped at that photo.

    They are all so beautiful!


  6. Ruth: That is a neat capture of the planes and the butterflies. They both have neat wings.

  7. Nice Series! Love the one of the Siskins in Jake's hand.

  8. Tha airshow photos are so cool!! Very nice! The one of the siskins fighting over the seeds is too precious :)

  9. Ruth,
    What a nice variety of things that fly. I love your selection. How I would like to see an admiral butterfly and those siskins actually fighting while trying to eat out of Jake's hands are pretty neat...what a great action shot...I think capturing birds in flight is difficult to get and yours are so nicely in focus!! Something I haven't achieved yet!!
    The picture of the red, white and blue fighter is a P-51 and the jet is a F-15 both neat planes. I've never seen that P-51 before and we were at a P-51 gathering in Columbus, Ohio last fall that had 86 P-51s. Quite a sight. Great walk. Thanks

  10. Just wonderful pictures (again!)
    Are all of the bird shots from your yard? I know you said the hawks were from a neighbors yard, but you do have a huge collection of birds! They are so nice to see. Thanks for sharing them all. You put it together so nicely!

  11. These are beautiful! Nature photography at its best, and the airplanes are pretty nice, too.

  12. What a variety! Those plane shots are great. I love watching good air teams and have some shots of the Canadian Snowbirds from when they preformed here. That spider web is amazing! The White admirals...beautiful! How neat to have birds eating out of his hand. I've never gotten any to do that yet. I like your memory lane.

  13. Gosh, such variety, I love them all. The Thunderbirds, Monarch, White Admirals. Hard to pick a favorite.

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  14. WoW...some very beautifully captured shots!

  15. Those Pine Siskins fighting in Jake's hand - now that is just so neat!! You have an amazing variety here as always, Ruth!

  16. The spider web is so intricate and beautiful. Pine Siskins are scrappy birds and we have had plenty here, but none that fed out of our hand.

  17. My favs were the birds and bugs.You did post a variety of wings! Thank you for sharing Ruth!
    My treatment begins on Tues. next..prayers please.hugs

  18. Great series ~ I love the pine siskins in Jake's hand! Amazing! Thank you for the treat as always.

  19. It always amazes me to see handfeeding! Can't imagine the experience! Fighter jets look awesome!

  20. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying this walk down memory lane with you. All the pictures are wonderful.

  21. Beautiful photos.

    Hello, I saw your name on another blog that I follow and wanted to check your blog out. I too have a photoblog and I hope that you will stop by to see it.

    I am going to follow your blog from now on.



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