Monday, August 10, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane 2

As we continue our walk down memory lane,a place where we look at Jake's old slide scans,let's take a walk through some mountain scenery.
Some of these pictures I have no idea where they were taken,
so just enjoy the scenery.

The next picture is a black and white rendition of a
scene taken at the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming. A perfect reflection.
This one was taken in the Canadian Rockies during a forest fire.
The following picture is the Columbia Ice Fields in the Canadian Rockies.
I do believe this one is looking down on the Lake Louise area in Banff,Alberta.
I regret not having exact locations for each one.
Many of these pictures were taken before I was part of Jake's life.
The Bible verse found in Job 37:14 says it all.
Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.


  1. Wonderful scenery photos! Worthy of postcards.

  2. All of the photos are great, but you know I love reflections, so I really like them. But I also like old fences, so that b&w view through the old fence it great too.

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  3. Hi Ruth, Thanks to you and Jake for sharing some of your travels with us. The photos are gorgeous. I'd love to see all of those places in person.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful scenery!! Like Leedra, I love reflections and fences in the foreground!!!

  5. Thank you for the great escape this morning! It's already in the high 80's with nasty humidity and my neighbor is having their driveway paved...trucks began at thank you again for the escape to the mountains!!

  6. There has been so much beauty in your life together as these pictures show. So lovely for you to have them still. I really miss ours first quarter century of married life, the record of which went up in smoke in the great bushfire of 1983.

  7. Ruth: These certainly shows the wonder of God's creation, loved the perfect refletion in the lake.

  8. Ruth,
    Such wonderful captures of so many vistas!! Very nice compositions and such wonderful colors...just made me ahhh as I went from one the the other!!

  9. These are spectacular pics, Ruth. You have some gorgeous scenery there.

  10. Wonderful, Beautiful, Majestic... Praise his Holy name!! The reflection picture should be framed and hanging in your house is so Gorgeous! I love it...

  11. All of these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the reflections in the water. I really have to get to work on scanning my old slides.

  12. It has been ages since we've been through the Canadian Rockies. Your photos bring back many fond memories. Coincidentally, that is where we are going for our vacation. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!

  13. Oh it is such beautiful photos, regardless of where they are... I just loved to view the scenery... the mountains are my favorite! How the scenes are so amazing, they remind me of home, right here! Stunning!


  14. Each of these photos was like taking a mini vacation! So beautiful!!

  15. We hope to go west for the first time next year. Beautiful pictures!

  16. Oh my goodness - such BEAUTY! Looks like a line up for a calendar! I just LOVE the black & white - would frame that and hang it up immediately! And the reflection shot is outstanding!

  17. Beautiful, Ruth! You should walk on this lane more often (and Jake should sell a calendar)!

  18. Where ever they were taken, they are truely beautiful. Those reflections of the water are unbelievably clear too. Each one would make a spectacular painting!
    I just love seeing scenery from your part of the world.

  19. Absolutely GORGEOUS photos! Truly beautiful and amazing. Only God can create beauty like that.

  20. Gorgeous shots!!! I love the peace you have captured in nature. Beautiful.

    Blessings! Nancy J Locke

    I hopped over from Shelley's bird blog. :D

  21. When I was in high school, part of my family (mom, dad and two sisters and I) drove from Buffalo NY, to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We spent time in Grand Teton National Park. It was one of my favorites places. I always wished I could get my kids out there. It truly is so beautiful, and your photo's bring all of that back to me.
    Ruth, Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts on my site. You are such an encouragement to me.

  22. When we look at beautiful shots of nature like this, how can anyone doubt that there is a Creator? Such beauty and splendor!


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