Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me? a School Bus Driver? 2

In this part 2 of my story,I take you to the present.
But first a few more thoughts on my start.
Our son had started Gr.1 in September,this meant that now he and I left home together in
the morning ad came home together in the evening.
We did not need a sitter and I was earning some extra money as well.

That first year I drove a van which had been converted to be a school bus.
I still felt that this would be a temporary job,although
I did enjoy the driving and the extra money.
Well,that was 1979,now at the beginning of October 2009,
I am still a bus driver.
I have upgraded my license several times,and now hold a Class 2.
I have also had countless hours of training through the years.
From a 15 passenger van to today's bus able to carry 72 students.
I have also changed routes several times.
For the last several years i have had the privilege of having an in town route.
After years of navigating muddy,snowy and just plain miserable roads,
this is quite a treat.
Over the course of all these years I have experienced many things,
some funny,some sad,and many just plain frustrating.
Some years ago at the urging of my fellow drivers,
I started putting some of these things on paper.
Since I am not an author it is not super great,but it does tell the story
of the life of school bus drivers.
Maybe some day I will share some of these stories.
For now I give God the Glory for giving me this job,
and allowing me to do it for all these years.
I also Praise Him for keeping me safe on the road and accident free.
The following verse seems to be written just for me.
Before they call I will answer;while they are still speaking I will hear.
Isaiah 65:24


Diane said...

I enjoyed reading about your school bus career and the gorgeous lilies.

warriormom said...

What a great story ~ it always surprises me how surprised we are when God answers prayer....did we expect anything different?? and how He provides. Thanks for sharing your story. 30 years, time just flies!

Dorothy said...

Lovely pictures and loved to hear your story. I know the things that have happened over the years would be interesting reading!

jalynn01 said...

I would love to read your 'bus driving' stories. My brother drove bus for awhile and he could keep us all laughing or crying about his experiences!! I just love your new's beautiful! I want to walk there. Praise God, because he does answer our prayers and keeps us daily in his care.

Karin said...

Love your new header! So beautiful! I'd love it as my desktop!!! God's answer to your prayer just makes me chuckle with joy! I almost think that God smiled when He did that!!!
This has been my story too - that I would pray if the Lord wanted me to have that position then He would provide it - not that I would go after it! Isn't Father just amazing that way!! Keep writing your story - love reading it!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I read both parts of your story, Ruth. How neat!!!! Isn't that just amazing that the phone rang when it did??? God does have a sense of humor...

I'm sure you are loved by kids of all ages. You are probably transporting children of the children you transported back then. How neat is that...

Thanks so much for sharing.

Unseen India Tours said...

BEautiful shots and lovely story !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Nick S said...

A lovely story, and good for you !

Montanagirl said...

Wow - I'm catching up on my blogging and just read your bus driving post today. I had no idea! Lovely verse too.

Barbie ♥ said...

Hi Ruth - I wrote a comment last night and somehow it didn't make it onto your blog - don't know what happened???
But I wanted to say that I bet you were a blessing to a lot of children through the years and I'm so glad you made it all that time accident free and safe! God is good!
You flower close-ups are lovely!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I love hearing how other drivers entered our profession and I'd love to hear your stories. Our job is rarely dull!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ruth: Happy to hear that you are a safe driver with the children.

Tina said...

That's a long time driving bus..but it sounds like you are the perfect person to do this job! I'm sure those that travel with you each day have grown to enjoy your sense of humor and being safe!! Do they know what a wonderful photographer you are??

Mary said...

Please do share some of your stories with us about driving a bus. I imagine it is sort of crazy every day, but also fulfilling. I'm glad you have this job and it has been good to you over the years. The kids are lucky to have you :-)

Becky said...

I just finished reading #1 and #2. I love reading about the lives of my blogger friends. I think I've mentioned this before, but you have to be a very special person to be a school bus driver, and I just bet your kids love you. You have to Mom, Grandma, guardian, and most of all a disciplinarian...
Bless you Ruth.

Leedra said...

I read that bible verse earlier today and when I was reading part one of this story I thought of it, and here you have it too. I enjoyed these 2 post so much I had to go back and look at the photographs, and usually I am about the photos and don't care about the words. Very nice post and photos.